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Time to Start Your Crypto Journey

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This is it! You’ve come a long way and now it’s your turn to actually claim your financial freedom. Here’s how to buy crypto thorugh Ledger’s ecosystem, and start your crypto journey. Ready?

Enter Crypto Through Ledger

At Ledger, we decided to make you a promise: to show you the way to true financial freedom. We believe this independence should be understood in terms of values, like freedom and ownership. Not (only) in terms of wealth. Remaining in complete control of your funds, not paying unnecessary third parties, and always being the only one in charge of your money.

That’s why we’ve made it possible to buy your first crypto via the Ledger Live app – so your first coins or tokens can be paid directly into your Ledger Nano. That means ease of use, with complete security and a wallet that’s truly yours ,from the very first moment. No compromised keys, no control for any other platform and no learning a tricky new interface just to make your purchase.

Easy, Secure Transactions

Ledger Live, combined with our hardware wallets, gives you complete control over your crypto and a safe gateway to the crypto and DeFi ecosystem. It provides you with the best security and an easy to use management interface, meaning you can get on with exploring your new territory with no doubts about security and no time wasted on learning multiple new interfaces.

Through Ledger Academy, We provide you with all the tips, tricks and tools to gain true financial freedom. Because knowledge is power. The only thing we can’t give you, is will.

Now it’s your turn!

While we are committed to helping you become the only one in charge, we do not decide for you. You are the one who chooses. Remember, crypto is all about putting people back at the center, which means you. So if you’re ready to achieve your financial freedom, then start by being the only one in charge of your money. Buy your first hardware wallet and start your crypto journey with Ledger!

Knowledge is power.

Trust yourself and keep on learning! If you enjoy getting to grips with crypto and blockchain, check out our School of Block episode all about makin sweet sweet money…or not.

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