Why Protect Yourself with Ledger?

Crypto requires new rules. New protections. New security practices. Good news: all of those can be learned. And it doesn’t even have to be painful. Play our tutorial videos, where you’ll meet Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, and trust that you can handle all that comes your way with crypto and digital assets.

Trust Zone #01

Crypto: How to keep it safe?

Lizzie Armanto : Hi Ian, simple question : I just bought my first crypto. Now, how do I keep it safe ? Good question… And this stuff is…


Trust Zone #02

Why an offline key is the only key?

Gwyneth Paltrow : “Crypto is digital, so why the hell do I need a new physical device to store it? I’m confused.” As we’ve learned in the movie…


Trust Zone #03

Why choose a Ledger?

Mel Nahas : With all the choices of hardware wallets, why should I buy a Ledger?   First reason, the chip. It’s called a SECURE ELEMENT. It uses technology…


Trust Zone #04

Why Ledger Live ?

Mike D : Ian Rogers, I got my Ledger Wallet. I trust you, I know the things that I do know in life. But what I don’t know…


Trust Zone #05

Why The Twenty-Four Words Phrase?

Jeff Carvalho : A 24-word recovery phrase? How do you expect me to remember that ?? I can’t even remember my friends birthday. When you activate your Nano,…


Trust Zone #06

Losing your Ledger

Parker Todd Brooks: Hey Ian. Some of my friends are nervous about having a Nano in their house. What happens if they lose it, or if it get…


Trust Zone #07

Scams, and more scams.

Terry Crews : “Hey Ian, I just got hit by someone on Discord claiming to work at Ledger and asking for my 24 words so they could send…


Trust Zone #08

What does Ledger know about you?

Robin Schmidt : “I’ve got a Nano with a PIN, Ledger Live with the 24-word Ledger phrase. I’m Ledgered out. What does Ledger know about me? ” At…


Trust Zone #09

Even more security.

Ian Rogers : Morning. No celebrity questions here, as I’m sure you’ve got some very rational ones of your own.      Wait, you mean I have this futuristic cryptocurrency,…




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