EP - 31

Moonpay: how to onboard billions of people into crypto (w/ I. Soto-Wright)


Ivan Soto-Wright
Moonpay Cofounder & CEO

مارس 08, 2022

Moonpay is one of the hottest project in crypto town. Why? Because historically the process of entering and existing the web3 world, the so-called on and off ramp has been crammed with frictions. But not anymore… Moonpay provides a payment infrastructure for crypto that enables you to access the realms of Web3 in a fast, simple and secure way. Or as Jimmy Fallon puts it… the Paypal for Crypto.

And the good news is: Moonpay is available on Ledger Live. What does it mean? How to manage this tremendous complexity behind apparent simplicity and ease of use? And how will it evolve now that NFTs are overtaking crypto? Meeting with Ivan Soto-Wright, Moonpay CEO and co-founder, and Jean-François Rochet, VP for International Development at Ledger, this is our new episode of On The Ledger.

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