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Company | 03/30/2023

A Message From Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO of Ledger

Following the announcement of a Series C Extension round, Pascal Gauthier reveals Ledger’s ambitions to secure all digital value.

Today, Ledger announced our funding round. I’m grateful for our long-term investors’ continued support, and I welcome the new investors backing the current undeniable revolution of value and hardware. These funds will accelerate our mission to bring a new generation of secure consumer devices to hundreds of millions exploring critical digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology.

As you know, 2022 was a trying year for the crypto industry, including the collapse of significant crypto exchanges and shifting macroeconomic conditions. 

In this tough environment, Ledger has consistently shown strong resilience and growing adoption for the hardware and services parts of our business. Since Ledger’s inception, we’ve seen the market go up and down, people question whether crypto should exist at all, but our commitment to blockchain innovation has been unwavering. We continue to be the safe haven for customers in these volatile moments, fulfilling the promise of cryptocurrencies, and positioning Ledger as the gold standard in the industry. When market concerns heighten, people rush to purchase Ledger devices and use Ledger Live transaction services on a daily basis.

Our Role In Shaping The Future of Value

Within the next five to ten years, my conviction is that the rise of the Internet of Value will reshape how billions of people own and manage their assets, redefining how we interact with the Internet, the role of intermediaries, the global economy, and every industry.

As we enter this new era, the smartphone in your pocket and the laptop on your desk lack fundamental security properties. These devices were built to produce and share content in a centralized Internet of Information, not to own and trade assets in a decentralized Internet of Value. My point is clear: you need a new generation of hardware to explore this next chapter. 

With the recent unveiling of Ledger Stax, that’s precisely what we plan to enable. This next-generation hardware wallet is designed by Tony Fadell, the co-inventor & designer of the iPod & iPhone, with Ledger’s unparalleled security. We are humbled by the response and continue to work on creating the best user experience.

Rest assured that uncompromising security will always be at the heart of our products. Ledger Stax is built with the world-class expertise of the Donjon team, our ‘attack lab’ constantly looking for vulnerabilities.  

So what’s next in our journey? As you know, improving our breakthrough hardware devices will always be our mission, and upgrading your software experience will also remain a top priority. That’s why we will continue to enhance your Ledger software experience by integrating new coins, blockchains, services and features into Ledger Live, and by providing ease-of-use to your Web3 experience, as demonstrated by the recent launch of Ledger Extension.

On the B2B side, Ledger Enterprise, our branch dedicated to businesses, will enable an increasing range of corporations to leverage digital value with the proper governance and security frameworks.

As the Internet of Value gradually goes mainstream, our Ledger devices will allow you to manage an ever-expanding range of tokenized assets, including your value, identity, data, stocks, and much more, enabling you to connect with complete ownership. 

I’m excited to embark on this next chapter together. Thank you again.

Pascal Gauthier 

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