Lend directly through Ledger Live and our partner, Compound

11/16/2020 | Blog posts

Lend with Ledger

Ledger and our partners are already here for you through every step of your crypto adventure. As of today, that adventure has become even bigger: you can now lend your crypto through Ledger!

Lending: Opening new doors for Ledger users

Do you like growing your assets while doing absolutely nothing? Of course you do! This was already possible with Ledger through staking, which was available for certain cryptocurrencies.

Lending is another way to grow your digital assets. By lending crypto, you are able to grant some cryptocurrencies to other borrowers in exchange for interest payments. If you want to learn more about what lending is, click here.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Ledger lending feature to the world! This gives you access to Compound lending services directly through Ledger Live: you can now lend your USDT, USDC or DAI and earn interest for it! By lending stablecoins, you are able to grow your assets without the variation risk that you usually have with crypto.

So, how does this Compound service really work?

Compound is a completely decentralized and open-source protocol that gives you the possibility to lend digital assets. Here is a quick explanation of how lending with Compound works:

Lend with Compound

When lending your tokens, you deposit them into Compound’s smart contract. In exchange, you get cTokens which represent the claim to your lended assets and interests.

With Ledger Live and Compound integration, you are now able to lend your DAI, USDT or USDC. Afterwards, you would get the same amount of crypto plus some interest back. Discover how lending using Compound services on Ledger Live works here.

Your benefits when Lending with Ledger

That’s it! You have just learned a new way to generate interests from your crypto without doing anything. Now you’re probably wondering, why would I choose Ledger for lending my crypto? Let’s take a look at what makes Ledger Lending so powerful and easy to use:


First of all, lending with Ledger would be done through Compound. This means that you’ll get so-called “cTokens” in return for every crypto you lend. In other words, cTokens are proof that these assets and their generated interests belong to you. This system enables you to stay in control over your crypto by securely storing your cTokens. When you want to get your assets and interests back, you basically send your cTokens back to the smart contract and get the associated assets in return.


By using our lending feature — powered through Compound — you can keep the cTokens secure through our devices. Because those cTokens are proof of your ownership over the crypto you’re lending, you surely want to keep them with the same level of security than all your other crypto assets. This is why it feels good to use our hardware wallet. You can benefit from a market-leading secure solution for storing your cryptocurrencies and cTokens. No one will ever be able to claim your assets instead of you!

The One-stop-shop for everything crypto

Most places where you lend your crypto won’t provide any other services. Well, not Ledger! Enjoy the convenience of being able to Buy, Swap, Stake and keep your crypto secure through a single solution. Ledger really is the all-in-one solution for your entire crypto journey. Simply put, we aim to provide you with security and ownership, and to top it off with ease of use.

Ledger: More than a tool to manage your crypto

Ledger’s ecosystem combines secure hardware with powerful software to provide endless possibilities. By embarking on your full crypto journey with Ledger, you can enjoy extra features like buying, staking, swapping, and now, lending.This arsenal keeps expanding as well as we continue to optimize to have the best possible crypto experience for our users. 

What’s most important is that Ledger gives you the tools to be able to enjoy financial freedom. You can use your funds the way you want, whenever you want. With our solution, you remain in full and secure control of your own crypto and always be the only one in charge of your money!

Ledger: your way to financial freedom.

Disclaimer: The Lending feature is powered by the Compound v2 Protocol. The Compound v2 Protocol is not created nor audited by Ledger.