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Product | 01/16/2023

Objkt Joins Ledger Live: Visualize Your Tezos NFTs

Things to know:

– Since many Tezos collectors and artists use Ledger devices to secure their Tezos NFTs, we decided to integrate a leading Tezos NFT Marketplace, Objkt, into your Ledger Live app.

– Thanks to this integration, you can now view your Tezos NFTs right from your Ledger Live Discover Section, within the safety and ease of use of the Ledger ecosystem.

Objkt is the largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, where you can buy, sell, auction or create NFTs with low gas fees.

Many NFT collectors and artists use Ledger hardware wallets to secure their collections and artworks. Until now, you could only see Polygon and Ethereum NFTs through Ledger Live. Objkt integration into your Ledger Live app now brings Tezos NFTs on board.

You can now easily and securely view your Tezos NFT collection directly through Ledger Live. 

The steps to follow are very simple:

  1. Open Ledger Live and go to the Discover section.
  1. Select Objkt. If you’re an iOS user, you can access the platform by clicking on the Objkt banner in your Tezos account or using this link
  1. Type the name of an address or artist, and explore Tezos NFTs by description, properties, attributes or history.

You can’t create collections, mint and buy NFTs, or make transactions with Objkt through Ledger Live. It’s a viewer only feature enabling you to visualize NFTs you, or other people, own (including details like Description, Properties, Attributes, History).

“Ledger is thrilled to partner with the leading NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockchain,” said Gaspard Broustine, NFT Project Manager at Ledger. “Objkt has been onboarding emerging artists from all over the world and is a significant contributor to the development of digital art.”

“We are excited to partner with Ledger to bring Tezos NFTs to the Ledger Live platform,” said Brian Mc Alister, Objkt co-founder. “This integration will allow our users to securely view their collections directly through Ledger Live and enable a whole new audience to discover the incredible art that lives on Objkt.”

Providing A Secure Access To Web3 

Ledger will continue to add new NFT features and external platforms into your Ledger Live app, providing secure access to the ever-expanding world of Web3 to a variety of communities, artists, creators, investors and users.

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