EP - 39

Web3 tools for Web3 adoption w/Brenden Mulligan


Brenden Mulligan
Founder of Premint NFT and Podpage

May 10, 2022

How to build a software business tailor made for the new NFT ecosystem from… a simple Google (r) form?

Our guest Brenden Mulligan invented a way for the NFT creators to choose the way their art is distributed, starting by making sure purchasers are real humans and not just scripts, leading to a project enhancing digital sovereignty for artists but that can also be used as a powerful market analysis tool… which has now reached more than 3 million registrations.

How to make sure you sell your new project out (without causing a gas war), why it isn’t always a bad thing to sell to bots and not just to diamond hands, how to keep track of every premint list you’ve tried to get on (the find out which is the next one you should be aiming for): the answer of all of those questions and to a couple more is on this new episode of On The Ledger.

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