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Buy, Sell, Exchange and Earn crypto*.

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Money is evolving!

The next level of money is here: a fully digital currency that you can use anywhere! You've seen digital self-created currencies in games as well, now it's time for real-life money to evolve into its next stage. Start your crypto journey with Ledger: the best way to buy and secure your crypto. All you need is a Ledger hardware wallet combined with our Ledger Live app and you're good to go.


Join the digital revolution:

Ease of use

The start of your crypto journey has never been this easy. With just your Ledger device and the Ledger Live app, you're all set!


Your banhammer against hackers. Your hardware wallet always keeps your keys to your coins offline and secured.


Ledger gives you full control over your crypto: securely manage your crypto everywhere with the Ledger Live app and our partners.

Buy crypto

Buy* Bitcoin, Ethereum and more crypto directly through Ledger Live by using a payment card or bank transfer.

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Check your real-time balance, send and receive crypto securely and directly from Ledger Live app.

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Exchange* one crypto for another directly through Ledger Live to try out new crypto assets.

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Lorsque vous possédez des cryptos, ce qui compte vraiment, c’est la clé qui donne accès à vos coins : votre clé privée. La personne qui a accès à cette clé possède vraiment les cryptos qui y sont associées, et elle peut en faire ce qu’elle veut. Ledger a créé une solution qui vous permet de sécuriser et de posséder cette clé privée, faisant de vous la seule personne en charge de vos cryptos.

Visitez la Ledger Academy pour en savoir plus.

Visitez la Ledger Academy

Qu’est-ce qu’une clé privée ?

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Différentes façons de sécuriser vos coins

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Pourquoi choisir Ledger ?

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*Operated by our partners. Availability subject to licensing applicable to our partners in each jurisdiction.

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