EP - 40

From Boss of Beauty to NFT Mogul W/ Huda Kattan

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Huda Kattan
CEO & Founder of Huda Beauty

5월 25, 2022

On The Ledger, we have often met with people who got started in crypto or NFTs and thrived from there. But what about people who’re massively successful in their career and THEN turn to Web3? What does this new space bring to their business?

Our guest today did just that. After an early career in finance, she became an icon by founding Boss Beauty with her two sisters. Both a successful entrepreneur and influencer, Huda Kattan is now followed by more than 50 million people – on Instagram only. 50 million people who recently discovered her passion for NFTs.

But why? What does it bring to her daily professional life? And why does she have so many Ledgers? In a one to one interview with our Chief Experience Officer, mr Ian Rogers, Huda Kattan is our guest today.


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