EP - 42

Betty from DeadFellaz: Meeting with the Horde Mother

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Co Creator and Director of Deadfellaz

6월 07, 2022

Deadfellaz is one of the most exciting NFT projects out there. So exciting that their founders are now represented by the Hollywood top-notch agents from UTA, to oversee the present and future of their 10,000 “undead” NFTs (among whom Elijah Wood and the rapper Lil Baby).

Meeting her the day after she undoxxed herself, we are stoked to be chatting with Betty, who’s the co-founder and horde mother of Deadfellaz. In an intense, Veecon-surrounded conversation (sorry for the background noise, Gary Vee just pumped up the volume), 30 minutes conversation, discover how the pandemic led her and Psych to NFTs, and how they created the first DeadFellaz in less than 5 minutes, how to sustain interest among the NFT community when entering a possible bear market and how the right storytelling can turn the DeadFellaz into the new Avengers, her biggest NFT regret and why she decided to undox herself.


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