EP - 56

But why do NFTs have value? w/ Derek Edwards

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Derek Edws
Managing Partner at Collab+Currency

3월 07, 2023

How can attention drive value? How to connect the attention economy to the web3 economy?


In a world of abundance, our time and focus is probably one of the last items you cannot… scale. Of course, we can publish work, be easy to find, and generate thousands of impressions in seconds. But when do people actually care? When do you care?


NFTs have driven a LOT of attention. Whether you might think it’s for good or bad reasons- they just have. Either it’s because they are scarce, or because they have a purpose, because you value their creators. Or all of the above. And this is why they have value, even if someone thinks they’re just another overpriced jpegs.


In a symbiotic conversation with Derek Edwards (partner at Collab + Currency and author of a great medium piece on why and how NFTs store value), Ian Rogers deep dives into on the past, present, and future of NFTs and why, pretty soon, everything that can be digital will be digital.


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