EP - 65

Why your business, DAO or enterprise needs Ledger Enterprise

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Alex Zinder & Charles Guillemet
VP Business Solutions at Ledger & CTO at Ledger

2월 28, 2023

The more value you have, the more malicious actors will try to get it. You already know that if you own more than a couple of small bags of crypto. But imagine you’re a company or an organization trying to manage their digital assets at scale.

This question arose a couple of years ago. Family offices, hedge funds, custodians, exchanges… They had no idea how to secure their assets (or they would do it from a Ledger Nano S). And even less how to manage them at scale. They needed enterprise-grade security with the right governance layer to operate.

A product had to be built. Ledger had to come up with a solution. This is Ledger Enterprise, the industry’s best kept secret – for now.

In this very special episode of On The Ledger, Ian Rogers gets our Chief Technology Officer Charles and our VP for Business Solutions, Alex Zinder to explain how we intended that solution, everything one can do with it, and why we think that… it’s simply the best out there. Not just the more secure. The best.


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