EP - 47

Ledger Market: Let The Brick Drop

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Art Collective

8월 30, 2022

From selling punk-rock mixtapes to invading the web3 world, Brick is not your everyday NFT. It’s a project that’s truly born out of culture with music, live shows and fashion being at its core.

After touring with Trash Talk for more than 10 years, LA based musicians Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson drew inspiration from legendary DIY venues of the past to conceive of Brick with the great help of art advisor Aiden Cullen. Brick will be a music venue by night and a community-run creative space by day, exploring how to make an NFT-based democracy work.

Brick is a concept, Brick is people, Brick is a venue, Brick is a new form of community-building and democracy. We are proud to have them as the first drop of Ledger Market, the brand new NFT distribution platform, offering the most secure and the most curated projects in the space.

And they are also the guests of this episode of On The Ledger.


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