EP - 62

OBJKT, Where Artists Are Collectors, And Vice Versa

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Brian Mc Alister, Timothy Mc Alister & Viktor Felder
Co Founder at OBJKT

2월 07, 2023

OBJKT is a marketplace that truly feels like a community – with 20,000 monthly active users and 6 millions tokens available, artists are also collectors, and, quite often, the other way around.

It’s a place that is 100% organic, that feels like the indie-rock scene in the overall NFT ecosystem.

How can we build it so it becomes “bigger than we could ever imagine”? How can we make it well-known without giving even two cents to marketing? How can we ensure it remains accessible for everyone?

As OBJKT is now integrated on the Discover section of our Ledger Live app, we are very pleased to meet with its three founders Viktor Felder, Brian and Timothy McAlister for an insightful conversation with Ledger’s Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers on its creation, how many lives it has changed since then, and what’s coming up for OBJKT in 2023.


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