EP - 58

What do you know about Web3? With Zeneca & Mo El-Sayed

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Co founder of ZenAcademy

12월 27, 2022

How to understand the crypto ecosystem after the falls of FTX, Celsius and more? Where and how to educate yourself in an ever-changing crypto space? Looking back at 2022, it is fair to say that this will probably be a year that’ll forever be remembered in Web3. It had its ups and major downs but all in all we can see the future of this industry being built before our eyes day by day by passionate creators, entrepreneurs and educators.

In this new episode of On the Ledger, Mo El-Sayed, head of Community and Education at Ledger, leads a 1-1 conversation with Zeneca, a former poker player, who also happens to be an entrepreneur, NFT trader and most importantly, a key Web3 educator. He writes amazing daily and weekly substacks and is also a huge generative art collector.

They’ll discuss how to improve your crypto knowledge, our brand new product: Ledger Quest, how to value an AI piece of art and also the importance of being patient.


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