EP - 60

What’s new here? Web3 in the eyes of Tim Ferriss

하드웨어 지갑과 함께 하는

Tim Ferriss
Bestseller & Investor

1월 10, 2023

When you are a creator, how do you shake up the cobwebs and keep taking creative risks?

This is the question our guest for this episode asked himself after becoming a successful angel investor in tech, publishing a long list of best-sellers (check his 4-Hour series) and a podcaster came to ask himself recently.

His answer was: deep diving into web3, and creating “an emergent long fiction project” in the form of an NFT project: CockPunch. And you should be aware that this one is not for flippers.

Listen to this one and one conversation between Tim Ferriss and our Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers and find out while there is no failed experiment, what’s really new about web3, how to keep getting of your comfort zone, how the CockPunch project helped funding the research on psychedelic medicine and (totally unrelated) where Ian used to keep his weed in high school.


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