EP - 41

Why and how to invest in crypto? w/ Dan Tapiero (Founder & CEO @ 10T)

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Dan Tapiero
Founder and CEO of 10T Holdings

5월 31, 2022

From farm acres to crypto. Launched in 2021, 10T was the first major fund to invest in digital assets companies (including Ledger, of course). Since then, it has taken part on such projects as Yuga Labs or Ledger, led by the genius

What is a macro-investor and why a good macro-investor is a… story-investor, why he bought the 2018 dip and why 10T stands for a 10 trillions market cap – why it’s a bad habit to think of how to exit a company even before you enter it… (13’20, ça peut être la quote)

A short, brilliant glimpse into the history of finance and crypto


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