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Ledger Beta Testing Program

Bring your contribution to Ledger products and become part of our Beta Testing Community!

Ledger beta testers are achieving great results! It is time to expand the testers’ community and give YOU the possibility to join the mission!

We want to build top-notch security products, with the best User Experience and the number one community of testers!

Ledger Head of Consumer Products

The Ledger Beta Testing Program aims to give an exclusive opportunity to Ledger users who want to go behind the simple usage of Ledger’s product. Beta testers are people who want to make their opinion count and contribute to the Ledger community success. 

As we are constantly striving to offer better quality products to our users, but also pushing for more features, it’s becoming even more important to make sure that what we deliver is adapted to your needs and extensively tested

Ledger Head of Consumer Products

To accomplish this, we are reopening our Beta Testers recruitment. 

We are proud to say, we have already launched 2 campaigns and our testers helped us with extremely valuable feedback. Thanks again to those who participated.

Enrolling the beta program will give you the exclusive possibility to:

  • Collaborate with Ledger’s development team 
  • Directly influence the quality of the product you use
  • Gain early access to new features 
  • Other Unexpected perks…

All you need to do is sign up by completing the application form below. All information about how to process the tests will be sent by email when the campaign is launched.

Application form
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