December 9th & 10th - La Gaîté Lyrique @Paris

A Conference By Web3 Innovators For The Digital Asset Ecosystem

What is Ledger Open?

Held in the heart of the third arrondissement, the in-person-first event will host a wide variety of Web3 innovators and developers from all ends of the digital asset ecosystem, from DAO pioneers like FWB’s Alexander Zhang, DeFi pioneer CEO and Founder of Aave, Stani Kulochev. Discord’s Amber Atheron will take the stage for a conversation around building communities, and Brud’s Trevor McFredries will speak on how to stoke engagement in the decentralized ecosystem.


With the main focus on User-Experience, talks will examine the current state of products and services, unearth some main challenges users face and the continued impact developers and engineers are making to deliver better user experience and forward thinking projects.


The Speakers

Pascal Gauthier
Chairman & CEO @Ledger
Ian C. Rogers
Chief Experience Officer @Ledger
Ariel Wengroff
Editor-In-Chief @Ledger
Rotem Hemo
Director of Product Management @Algorand
Daouda Leonard
CEO @CreateSafe
Lady PhEOnix
Guillaume Dechaux
Head of partnership @ConsenSys
Charles Guillemet
CTO @Ledger
Julien Genestoux
CEO @Unlock Inc
Itamar Lesuisse
CEO & Co-Founder @Argent
Amber Atherton
Head of Strategic Communities @Discord
Julien Bouteloup
Founder @Stake DAO
Benjamin Mincu
Co-Founder @Elrond
Juan Leni
CEO @Zondax
Alexander Zhang
Mayor @FWB
Hugo Morosini
Lead Frontend Developer @Ledger
Fabrice Dautriat
Head of Platform @Ledger
Andrew Cronk
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @Figment
Michael Garland
Product Manager @Garland
Trevor McFedries
CEO @Brud
Evgeny Yurtaev
CEO @Zerion
Rodrigo Carraresi
Head of Developer Relations @Ledger
Robert Sasu
Core Developper @Elrond
Carl Anderson
VP Engineering B2C @Ledger
Adélina Mattera
Community Manager @WoW
Charles Hamel
VP Product @Ledger
Eric Diep
Founder @Manifold
Louis Guthmann
Ecosystem Lead @Starkware
Owen Simonin (Hasheur)
CEO @Just Mining
Mounir Benchemled
Founder @ParaSwap
Jonathan Schemoul
Founder and Lead Developer
Nick Belyashev
Product Manager @Lido
Dexter Tortoriello
Co-founder & Head of Internal Products @FWB
Parker Todd Brooks
VP NFT Products @Ledger
Pierre Duperrin
Senior software developper @Sorare
Nicolas Bacca
Co-founder @Ledger


La Gaîté Lyrique

Set in the heart of Paris, La Gaîté Lyrique dates back to the 19th century and currently serves as one of the city’s iconic cultural and digital arts venues.

3 bis rue Papin, 75003 Paris
+33 (0) 1 53 01 52 00
[email protected]