Lend DAI

Generate revenues by lending DAI

You could participate in lending economies either as a lender or a borrower. The arrangement can work for people who have for example spare crypto and are not using it at any time.


As a lender, this could allow you to generate some interest income on your crypto – it could be an opportunity for earning passive income with assets you’re hodling.


As a borrower, it is possible to take out a leverage position on your crypto holdings or gain some short-term liquidity.


What is lending?

Lend DAI

Lend DAI through Ledger Live with Compound

Compound lending services are available directly through Ledger Live.
Only the lending feature is available through Ledger Live.

When lending DAI, you deposit your tokens into compound smart contract. In exchange you get cDAI which represent the claim to your lended assets and interests.

Why Lend your DAI with Ledger

Ledger gives you full control and security
over the crypto you own.


When lending DAI with Ledger, your cDAI are secured by your hardware wallet which means no one can claim your assets while lending them.


Ledger gives you full control over your crypto - on top of lending, you can manage, buy, sell, or stake your crypto anywhere with only one app, Ledger Live.


One place for all your crypto: Ledger hardware wallets supports more than 1500 different assets.

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How to lend DAI using Compound integration in Ledger Live

Step 1/3

Install app and create account

On Ledger Live, go to the Manager and install the ETH application on your hardware wallet. Once it’s done, you need to create an account.

Step 2/3

Enable your account

Enabling an account gives permission to the Compound protocol to initiate lending: you authorize the compound smart contract to interact with your account. You will need to verify and confirm this operation on your device.

Step 3/3

Approve Compound lending transaction

You can select the amount of DAI you want to lend and issue a transaction to the Compound protocol. You will need to verify and approve this transaction on your device.

That's done! Your crypto are lent.

You can withdraw at any time your DAI and your interests directly from Ledger Live.

Crypto to lend through Ledger Live

Lend and securely manage different crypto through Ledger Live with Compound

Why consider a hardware wallet when owning crypto

When you own crypto, what really matters are the ownership and the security of your coins. What counts is the key that unlocks the access to your crypto: your private key. The person who has access to this key really owns the associated coins and can do whatever they want with them. When you keep and lend your crypto online, on an exchange for instance, you are not in control of this key, the exchange is.

Why you need a hardware wallet

What else can you do with your DAI?

With your Ledger hardware wallet and Ledger Live easily and securely manage, buy, exchange and earn crypto with our partners.


Buy crypto on Ledger Live with our partner Coinify.

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Exchange one crypto for another on Ledger Live with our partner Changelly.

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Earn crypto rewards without doing anything directly through Ledger Live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can lend USDT, USDC and DAI directly through Ledger Live using Compound protocol.

See the list of compatible assets

When you lend your crypto through Ledger Live, you send your assets to Compound smart contract. This means the security of your assets depends on the security of Compound smart contract.

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Lending is usually done through decentralized applications that allow you to lend your digital assets out to other users & earn interest for it.

As a lender, this could allow you to generate some interest income on your crypto - it could be an opportunity for earning passive income with assets you're hodling.

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