EP - 27

Wilder World: Welcome to the Future of Wetaverse w/ Hypno


Co-founder of Wilder World

fev 08, 2022

How do we onboard the next billion users to Web3? That ladies and gentlemen is the BILLION dollar question. But what if we told you that I’ve probably got the answer to that. Would you believe us? There are about 2.5 billion gamers in the world that generate aaaa lot of value, over 137 billion dollars, but that value is only captured by a limited number of companies, you and us, we get nothing but entertainment.

Digital ownership completely disrupts the traditional Web2 model by allowing users to also become financial participants. We can now own, trade and port our assets in between different environments, thanks to blockchain technology. And that changes everything. That my frens is the Metaverse.

Our guest today totally gets this. He’s building a wild Metaverse that is about to take the world by storm: Wilder World, an immersive and photo realistic 5D Metaverse that is at the intersection of car racing, digital fashion and mind-blowing architecture. A world made by and for artists. A world with which we are proud to associate. Hypno, Wilder World co-founder, is the guest of On The Ledger.

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