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05/19/2020 | Blog posts

power of crypto sweater and t-shirt

Let’s take a small step back and let’s take a moment to think about all the great things that the blockchain community has accomplished. We at Ledger are proud of the work that we have put into the products and services. But the success of our business is thanks to our beloved customers and community.

We want to motivate more people to start their own crypto journey and enter the modern rebellion that already started. So we created something new that can help you along the way to true freedom. We developed the Resilience sweaters and T-shirts with the use of great resources and the help of intuitive designers. Our clothings are made from the best fabrics to offer comfort & long durability.

Want to have your Ledger Nano X with you everywhere you go? But also want to keep it hidden? We thought of that! The sweater contains a hidden pocket where your Ledger Nano X just fits in perfectly. But not everything has to stay hidden.. we added a small label inside where you can stick a QR-code on, you can use this to present your public key to others and makes it easy to receive transactions.

crypto sweater

The Resilience T-shirt does not contain a hidden pocket but does have something up its sleeve –  famous crypto quotes on the inside. 

Discover now our new merchandise

Both are unique and exclusive by design as there is a limited supply! Sizes will be available in XS, S , M, L, XL and XXL.

Don’t miss out on this and be one of the few people to own official Ledger clothing.

We also offer package deals where you can buy the sweater or T-shirt in combination with our latest, cutting-edge hardware wallet: the Ledger Nano X.

crypto sweater and t-shirt bundles

Experience the true freedom in our hardware wallets and express your disruptive mind with others through our clothing. You have more power than you think. Show it to the world.

Choose your favorite and secure your order today!