Ledger Vault

An enterprise suite safeguarding crypto assets

A fully customizable product through the use of a secure hardware offering multi accounts, multi signatures, and time locks. This solution was designed for Hedge Funds, High Net Worth Individuals and Banks looking to stock their cryptos securely, in line with their compliance requirements, while avoiding counterparty risks linked to Exchanges.


Hardware Security

A unique know-how in the market

Securing a cryptocurrency application is a complex task, as the numerous hacks and thefts over the past few years have shown us. Ledger has introduced a best practice security approach, based on a unique secure hardware.


Leveraging our Expertise to support Enterprises

Key management is a major pain point for any player in the Financial industry looking to build crypto asset related projects. Thanks to its unique expertise in secure hardware and Blockchain, Ledger is able to provide best in class tools to ensure both security and integrity.

Ledger brings powerful, secure and flexible solutions to trading engines and financial applications based on its Hardware Security Module (HSM). Private keys are safeguarded in isolation while still enabling transactions or contract signatures with real time integrity validations and oracle based business rules controls.

By providing an ultra secure depositary infrastructure built on a state of the art HSM technology, Ledger enables funds manager to massively scale the size of their funds. Leading the front on certification standards and compliance, Ledger answers all needs from auditors, LPs and government bodies.

Ledger’s expertise in hardware security can be leveraged to develop tailored products with specific hardware or firmware releases. Development of custom Operating System (BOLOS) apps, support of new tokens or protocols: Ledger can bring white label or dedicated solutions to the market in record time.

The Tech behind our Solutions

Our enterprise solutions are built using a distinctive operating system (OS) called BOLOS, which we can integrate in any secure hardware. A secure element (whether it is a secure chip or hardware) is a tamper resistant platform capable of securely hosting applications and data, in accordance with the rules and security requirements set by pre-authorized applications and people. Hacking a secure element takes formidable efforts while information can be easily extracted from generic microcontrollers by amateurs. So far, Ledger has been the only player in the market to provide this technology.