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Blog posts, Company, Thought leadership | 09/08/2022

We Are Ledger

We believe in a world where users, creators and enterprises manage their value with ownership and freedom.

People have always protected what they hold precious. When assets were tangible, trust was visible. But that world has changed. 

With the emergence of crypto-assets, the era of the “Internet of Value” is now upon us, allowing anyone to own and exchange all imaginable assets, money, art, property, stocks, data, and transfer them peer-to-peer. In the coming years, these assets will be stored on blockchains, converted into tokens, and managed by hundreds of millions.

This Revolution of Value is changing the world, but the bankruptcies of high-profile centralized entities have shown that when they control your digital assets, you can lose them in a finger snap. In this new era, owning and securing your value is more important than ever. 

This is where we come in. We are Ledger.

Our Mission To Secure Your Digital Life

Since our beginnings in 2015, our ambitions have constantly grown. 

What started as an idea – using a secure element chip to safeguard digital assets for crypto enthusiasts – has evolved into a cutting edge platform used by millions of individuals and hundreds of enterprises.

With the Ledger Nano™ series, we created the most successful security hardware of all time, with more than 6 million units sold and none ever hacked. Combined with Ledger Live, you can safely manage your digital assets and explore a growing number of Web3 apps through your Discover section. Ledger Enterprise, our branch dedicated to businesses, enables hundreds of exchanges and corporations to leverage their digital value with the proper governance and security frameworks.

But we also needed a fresh look to bring your experience to a whole new level, which is why Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod and co-creator of the iPhone, teamed up with us to build the next-generation of hardware wallets, Ledger Stax™. This new consumer device is your elegant entry point into the Internet of Value, opening the doors of digital ownership to anyone. 

Security is and will remain at the heart of our products. The Ledger Donjon team is made up of world-class experts continuously stress-testing our own solutions and looking for vulnerabilities. 

Today, we are primarily known for being a secure gateway to crypto and NFTs. But as the Internet of Value goes mainstream, our devices will allow you to manage an ever-expanding range of assets, including your value, identity, data, stocks, and more.

We believe in a world where users, creators and enterprises manage their value with ownership and freedom. Explore with us the Internet of Value. Join the Ledger ecosystem.

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