A commitment to diversity and professional equality

Gender Equality Index,
Ledger scores 87 points out of 100

Ledger since its birth has supported the process of promoting gender equality within the company. This initiative is notably supported by the Avenir law of September 6, 2018. Its objective is to reduce the pay gap between women and men.

The gender equality index consists of 4 indicators that assess gender inequalities within the company. It is from the analysis of these indicators that the company receives a score out of 100.

The 4 main criteria taken into account are:

  • Pay gaps,
  • Individual differences on pay raises,
  • Percentage of women employees receiving a raise upon return from maternity leave, and
  • Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid.

By following the methodology defined by the French legislator, Ledger obtains the score of 87/100. This rating reflects Ledger’s commitment to reducing the wage gap between women and men.

Ledger is determined to keep up its process of continuous improvement with the ambition of reaching the score of 100 points.

In order to attract and retain female talent, we are committed, to develop an ever more inclusive culture, to improve professional equality between women and men.

Beyond equal pay, which remains a fundamental pillar of the company, we will also, and more generally, continue to support actions such as Ledger Diversity.

This event, hosted and organized by Ledger, promotes the benefits of a corporate culture open to all diversities, by welcoming external guests who inspire us in our approach of openness and equality.

Ledger considers the topics of professional equality, inclusion, openness and diversity as true strategic challenges for the year 2021.

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