Swap crypto with Ledger

Exchange one crypto for another

In the crypto world, swap allows users to easily exchange one crypto asset for another, no fiat currencies involved.

Whether you’d want to trade to potentially gain value or try out a new crypto asset, swap is an easy & fast way to diversify your assets.

How Swap works?

Ledger: the gateway to swap crypto securely

With our partner Changelly, simply exchange one crypto for another in just a few clicks.


Exchange one crypto for another in a secure environment using your Ledger hardware wallet.

All in one place

Ledger gives you access to all crypto services that you need, from one single app: swap, buy, sell, lend, stake.


Swap crypto in just a few clicks directly in Ledger Live: 3 simple steps and it's done.

Freedom of choice

Choose the option that suits you best. A fixed swap rate to know in advance how much you are going to receive. Or a floating rate to swap crypto at market price, with lower fees.

Eligibility & Procedure:
Due to different regulations, this feature is not available in some countries.

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Crypto to swap with Ledger

Swap your Bitcoin for Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash or more than 50 other coins.

See all crypto supported

Safely exchange your crypto through Ledger Live

Install applications on your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Using the Ledger Live Manager, install the Exchange application on your device. You'll also need to have installed the applications of the crypto you want to swap.

Prepare your Swap in Ledger Live with our partner

In the Ledger Live Swap tab, select your crypto assets and the accounts of origin and destination. Enter the amount you want to swap. Select a swap option and check the rate.

Verify the Swap information on your device

Open the Exchange application on your device. After verifying the information on your device, you can confirm the swap - that's all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to different regulations, this feature is not available in some countries, such as the United States or Japan. You can read Changelly's terms of use here.

For crypto that are supported by the swap feature, you can swap from any account already existing in Ledger Live. You don't need to create any specific account.

Ledger Live, with our partner Changelly, allows you to swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Stellar, and more than 50 different crypto assets. See the full list here.

When swapping with a fixed rate, our partner Changelly guarantees you a fixed price. You know exactly in advance how much you are going to receive. For this reason, the fees are higher than a floating rate. With a floating rate, you are not protected against variations in crypto prices. The swap rate will depend on the market price at the time of the swap. This option offers lower fees. Learn more