Grow your crypto to
gain financial independence

Make your crypto assets work for you. Earn money passively – the secure and easy way.

What is Financial Independence?

What is Financial Independence?

The goal of financial independence is to accumulate enough assets like stocks, real estate or savings to generate passive income. This means you don’t need to work anymore, and can focus on living a meaningful life on your terms.

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Gain financial independence through crypto

Gain financial independence through crypto

By bypassing traditional financial systems, like banks or governments, crypto gives you full control over your money. You don’t need to rely on anyone or anything else. 

Over the long term, crypto’s a financial asset that you can grow without much effort, through lending or staking. This can help you gain true financial independence.

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Grow your crypto with Ledger


Buy crypto and wait for the value of your assets to potentially increase over time.

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Gain rewards for hodling specific cryptos – without needing to do anything.

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Why you should choose Ledger

A Ledger wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best way to easily grow your crypto assets – with industry-leading security.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

Designed with the highest security standards to keep your crypto totally secure.

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Ledger Live Application

Buy, sell, exchange, stake and lend crypto with our partners. All in one app.

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Become a crypto expert

Start your crypto journey with insider tips from the Ledger Academy. Build your crypto knowledge and gain financial freedom.


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