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What is Financial Independence?

What is Financial Independence?

Financial independence, also known as financial freedom, is usually described as a state where you simply don’t need to work anymore because you’ve got enough money coming in from elsewhere to live on for the foreseeable future.

As advocated by the F.I.R.E movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early), the goal is to accumulate assets such as stocks, real estate or savings in order to generate passive income.

By doing so, people can concentrate on what is essential for them and live their life to the fullest.

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How Crypto can help you achieve (true) Financial Independence?

How Crypto can help you achieve (true) Financial Independence?

By bypassing traditional financial systems such as banks or governments, crypto gives people control over their money and lives. With crypto, you are in full control of your money, completely unreliant on anyone or anything else. That’s true financial independence.

In concrete terms, crypto is a new financial asset that you can grow over the long term without doing much, through different methods such as lending or staking. This way, crypto assets can help you achieve financial independence.

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3 ways to grow your crypto assets with Ledger


Buy crypto and wait for the value of your assets to potentially increase over time.

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Be rewarded for hodling some specific types of crypto. Own crypto and let it do the works!

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Lend your crypto in exchange for interest payments. Like a loan from a bank, except that you are the bank.

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Why choose Ledger to grow your crypto assets?

Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live application is the best solution to easily grow your crypto assets with the highest level of protection.

Ledger Hardware Wallets

Designed with the highest security standards to keep your crypto secure at all time.

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Ledger Live Application

The one-stop-shop for your crypto: buy, sell, exchange, stake and lend your assets with our partners.

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