Staking your Algorand (ALGO) allows you to passively earn rewards for your help to secure the network.

Through the Ledger Live app, you can easily and securely delegate your Algorand to a validator and start earning rewards, passively.

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*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of staking services.


The benefits of staking Algorand

Algorand is an open-source blockchain that aims to achieve all three challenges of blockchains today: security, scalability, and decentralization.

Earn rewards*

Staking Algorand offers an average return of 5%. This rate may vary depending on different criteria.

*Rewards are not guaranteed. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations on use of staking services.

Help yourself

By staking your Algorand, you help secure the network and validate transactions. You are part of the Algorand blockchain success!

Why stake with Ledger

Highly secure

Grow your Algorand bag while securely holding them with your Ledger device. You are in control.


No action is required to start staking. You only need a minimum balance of 1 ALGO.

All in one place

You can manage, buy, swap, and stake your Algorand through Ledger Live with our partners. All your crypto needs, in one app.

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You can earn passive income by participating in the Algorand network. All addresses that contain 1 ALGO or more will receive rewards. The current annual yield on Algorand is around 0 to 3%.
Rewards are claimed every time a transaction occurs to or from your account.

You could also do a transaction of 0 ALGO to yourself to claim your rewards.

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A hardware wallet

that offers the best security for your crypto and NFTs - your assets always remain safe.

An app

to manage your crypto and access key services: buy, swap or grow your assets. Securely thanks to your hardware wallet.
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Grow your Algorand with Ledger


Buy a Ledger hardware wallet

Ledger hardware wallets are the smartest way to securely store your assets.


Download Ledger Live

It’s your gateway to securely and easily buy, manage, stake, and grow your assets. All in one app.


Set up your device

Follow the setup steps, and create a Algorand account.


Buy crypto or transfer funds

Use Ledger Live to directly buy Algorand with our partners, or transfer your Algorand from an exchange to your hardware wallet.


Start staking

Click the Earn rewards button on your Algorand account and choose a validator among the list. Select the amount and confirm.

Want to learn more about staking?

We answer all the basic questions you might have in our Ledger academy: What is staking? What’s the difference between Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work? What is a validator?

You can also take a look at our School of Block series on Youtube to learn how to get started in staking and make your money work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have at least 1 ALGO on your account to be able to earn rewards.

You don’t need to do any specific action: all accounts with more than 1 ALGO are automatically elligible.

Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake system, meaning your ALGO are not locked up or bonded for any period of time. Learn more on the Algorand website.

You have full ownership of your ALGO when you stake through Ledger, unlike with crypto exchanges.

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