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Why Choose Ledger Hardware Wallets?

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Ledger devices on a podium
— A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best solution to secure, store and manage your crypto assets.

— Ledger hardware wallets have industry-leading security to keep your crypto and NFTs secure at all times.

— The Ledger Live app is a one-stop-shop for your crypto and NFTs. Buy, sell, exchange and grow your assets with our partners – easily and securely.

— With Ledger you can secure, store and manage over 5500+ crypto assets, including NFTs.

— Ledger makes the most popular hardware wallets in the world: more than 5 million+ sales.

— Why choose Ledger? Because we offer the best product for keeping your crypto and NFTs safe.

Self-custody is a daunting thought: it demands a careful union between ease of use and absolute security. Why choose Ledger? Because we have what you need! Read on for financial freedom.

When it comes to hardware wallets, it can be hard to decide on the right option. But we’re here to help. In this article, we outline the most important things to consider – and show why Ledger devices are the best solution.

Own Your Private Keys Securely

When you own crypto, what you really own is a private key that gives you access to your coins. You should be the only one in control of this key – and you need to keep it secure.

A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best way to secure your crypto and NFTs. Your hardware wallet keeps your private key protected at all times in a certified secure chip. Nobody can access it except you. Any transaction must be verified on the device’s trusted display and physically confirmed by you.

Your wallet also gives you the freedom to manage your crypto on your own. With the Ledger Live app, you can buy, exchange and grow your crypto securely – in one app.

The brilliant association of those two elements brings you the satisfaction of real ownership – in simple words, the Ledger ecosystem enables you to be the only one in charge of your money.

Ledger Live App: One-Stop-Shop for Crypto

Ledger hardware wallets come with the Ledger Live app. You can manage 5500+ coins and tokens with the app, directly from your smartphone or desktop. Giving you access to multiple different crypto services.

Stake Directly Through the Ledger Validator Node

Staking is one of the most rewarding options in the DeFi space – and did you know, you are now able to stake directly from your wallet, through Ledger’s own validator node? So you can enter the rewarding world of staking securely, via a platform you already know and trust. Find out how to access staking through Ledger validator node for yourself, right here.

Buy and Sell Crypto

USDT and Stellar directly through Ledger Live from our partners. Ledger Live also lets you sell bitcoin for fiat currencies when you need it.

Exchange One Crypto for Another

Exchange one crypto for another to potentially gain value or try out a new crypto asset. Exchanging crypto is a fast, easy way to diversify your assets, directly through Ledger Live with our partners. 

Grow Your Assets

Grow your assets the easy way by securely staking crypto like Algorand, Cosmos, Tezos, Tron or Polkadot and more. You can also lend digital assets to generate interest. 

Stay in Control

With a simple, clear interface, Ledger Live lets you check your current balance and manage all your transactions. So you’re in total control at all times.

Get Total Control With Your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Manage All Your Actions

You can see everything you do on Ledger Live app on your Ledger wallet’s screen. Control what’s happening at any moment and securely verify all transactions with two buttons – giving you total security and peace of mind. 

Manage 5500+ Coins and Tokens

With the Ledger Live app, you can securely manage over 5,500 coins and tokens. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more.

You can find all our supported crypto assets on this page.

Supported Assets

Use 50+ Compatible Wallets

For assets not supported on Ledger Live app, you can simply use a compatible external wallet to manage your crypto. Find the list here.

Access the Infinite Possibilities of DeFi

Decentralized finance is the new generation of banking that removes the greedy middleman – and barriers to entry – for people like you and me. These financial applications are built using blockchain technology and require you to trade in crypto to get involved.

By securing your private keys on Ledger hardware wallets, you can interact directly with many of those DeFi services directly from the Ledger Live app, meaning you’ll enjoy the highest level of security -as well as clear signing for key transactions – as you explore the range of new options in this booming system.

Industry-Leading Security

The Only Certified Hardware Wallet on the Market

Ledger wallets are the first and only hardware wallets on the market certified for their security by ANSSI, the French cybersecurity agency.

Contains a Secure Element (SE) – the Most Secure Chip

Ledger hardware wallets integrate a certified chip, designed to withstand sophisticated attacks. They can securely host cryptographic data like private keys.

Custom Operating System for More Protection

Ledger wallets are the only hardware wallet to have their own custom OS (BOLOS) to protect against malicious attacks and isolate apps from each other.

Genuine Check to Assure Device Integrity at All Times

We designed a genuine check authentication process to ensure that your Ledger device hasn’t been tampered with or compromised by a third party.

Join the Community

Trusted by 5 million+ Users

Millions of people around the world trust Ledger with their crypto, both beginners and experts.


Get support in multiple languages from our team of crypto experts. We’re always here to help.

You can also read our guide to what a hardware wallet is and the benefits of owning one.

Knowledge is Power.

To understand why you should secure your crypto, you have to understand what exactly crypto is and why your should own your private keys.
Listen to our Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers and learn more on why you need a Ledger.

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