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Sell Bitcoin

How to sell Bitcoin?

When owning Bitcoin, at some point you could want to cash out part of your cryptocurrency to get back some cash or to withdraw some profits. There are different ways to sell your Bitcoins online, such as exchanges, direct trade or carry out a peer-to-peer transaction. You could also withdraw fiat money by using a Bitcoin ATM, or sell Bitcoin in person.


At Ledger, we integrated the possibility to sell Bitcoin in our application Ledger Live via our partner Coinify. You can keep your crypto secure in your hardware wallet while buying, selling and managing your Bitcoins.


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Sell Bitcoin

Why manage your Bitcoin
with Ledger?

When using Ledger, you are in full control of your Bitcoin without compromising their security

The Bitcoin you own are always secured thanks to your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Buy, sell & manage your Bitcoin and more crypto assets with one single app - Ledger Live.

You can sell Bitcoins in 3 simple steps directly in Ledger Live.

No one else can do it for you - you're in full control

You can easily transfer your Bitcoins from your exchange to your hardware wallet in a few clicks.

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How to sell Bitcoin through Ledger Live with our partner?

Step 1/3

Install Exchange and Bitcoin applications on your hardware wallet

To sell BTC, you need to have both the Bitcoin and the Exchange applications installed on your device. To install these applications, you need to connect your device to a computer or phone and go to the Ledger Live Manager tab.

Step 2/3

Prepare your Sell in the Ledger Live Sell tab

In the "sell crypto" tab in Ledger Live, select your BTC account, enter the amount of BTC you wish to sell and select the currency you need. The sell service is operated by our partner Coinify.

Step 3/3

Verify the Sell information on your device and confirm the operation.

Open the Exchange application on your device. After verifying the information displayed on your device's screen, you can confirm the operation.

And that's done.

Your money will be transfer by Coinify to your bank account automatically.

Why consider a Hardware Wallet when Buying and Selling crypto

When you own Bitcoin, what really matters is the ownership and the security of your coins. What counts is the key that unlocks the access to your crypto fortune: your private key. The person who has access to this key really owns the associated coins and can do whatever they want with them.

When you buy crypto online, on an exchange for instance, you are not in control of this key, the exchange is.
A Bitcoin wallet helps you protect and control your private key. Ledger Bitcoin (BTC) wallet, combined with our application Ledger Live, is the most popular way to secure your funds while giving you the freedom to manage everything on your own. You can send, receive, buy, sell your Bitcoins without compromising their security.

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Buy, Sell and Protect your Bitcoin
with the leader in crypto security


Ledger offers the best security for your crypto - your hardware wallet keeps the keys to your coins offline and secured at all time.


Ledger gives you full control over your crypto - manage, buy, sell your crypto anytime, anywhere with the Ledger Live app and its partners.


One place for all your crypto - Ledger hardware wallets are compatible with more than 1500 assets

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How to manage your Bitcoin (BTC)

How to manage your Bitcoin (BTC)

Ledger Live

Directly manage your Bitcoin with Ledger Live. Buy crypto, grow your assets and manage your transactions in one single app. More than 5,500 coins and tokens supported.

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What else can you do apart from selling Bitcoin?


Buy crypto on Ledger Live with our partner Coinify.

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Exchange one crypto for another on Ledger Live with our partner Changelly.

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What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin [BTC] was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, introduced by an unknown person or group of people called « Satoshi Nakamoto » in the famous « Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash system » whitepaper. Bitcoin was the first currency that only exists electronically and was released as an open-source software, meaning that anyone can examine the code and participate in the Bitcoin network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a large variety of options to sell your bitcoin for fiat currencies. The most popular one is selling through crypto exchanges, but you can also sell using crypto ATMs to withdraw cash directly. And now you can sell your Bitcoin directly through Ledger Live with our partner Coinify.

See the list of compatible assets
You can only sell your Bitcoin using Ledger Live and our partner Coinify.
You can sell Bitcoin for cash on exchanges or through Ledger Live and move it to your bank account.
You can then withdraw the resulting cash.You'll be able to cash out your Bitcoin only into a bank account that you have already used to buy cryptocurrency.

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