The Power of Ledger Live

Beginner Avr 24, 2020

Ledger Live manage crypto
Key Takeaways:
– Ledger live is a perfect for companion for you and your Ledger device, making crypto more convenient for you
– Ledger Live lets you manage 25 coins and more than 1250 tokens in one single-app
– Securely grow your assets on-the-go: stake your Tezos (XTZ) and Tron (TRX) from the application and earn crypto rewards while hodling
– Stay connected with Ledger Live: manage your crypto from your desktop or your mobile, everywhere you go

We are not only providing you with the best security there is for your crypto assets, we also want to make sure that you can easily access everything from one single app – Ledger Live.  Ledger Live is there for you whenever and wherever you need it.

The Ledger Live application was launched in July 2018 – thus the perfect companion for your Ledger devices was born. The application lets you set up your Ledger hardware wallet, create and manage multiple accounts and check your balances in real-time, all in one place.Ledger Live has come a long way since. We have continuously improved the application with new features, more coins and tokens supported along the way. Ledger Live keeps evolving into a much better version of itself: we want to provide our users with one single app to secure and manage all your crypto.

No detours anymore: you only need one place to buy, secure and manage your crypto. 

Securely Manage your Crypto

The most important part is that your crypto is secure.

Ledger’s extremely high security standard is made possible thanks to our hardware wallets – the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. Both devices make use of a Secure Element (SE), the most secure chip that is designed to withstand attacks. With Ledger devices, your private keys never leave the SE and will remain safe from online hacks.

Every action you take within Ledger Live is secure, thanks to levering your Ledger hardware wallet. From transaction to delegation, everything needs to be verified and validated through your hardware wallet. By verifying all actions through your hardware wallet’s screen, you assure that what’s shown on your PC is indeed what your Ledger device is trying to process.

But Ledger Live is way more than an application for accompanying your Ledger device.

Buy Crypto

You can Buy crypto directly in Ledger Live through our partner Coinify.

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Dash by using your Credit Card or a Bank Transfer. Stellar and USDT will soon be added.

The crypto that you bought will directly be sent to your Ledger hardware wallet. You won’t have to worry about setting up a transaction from your exchange to the address managed by your Ledger hardware wallet. It’s all automatic.

The private keys that give access to your newly received crypto are immediately held offline after the purchase is finalized. Once received, your cryptocurrencies will be kept safe through the security of your hardware wallet.

You’ll immediately have full ownership over your own crypto assets, rather than needing to leave them in the care of an exchange – even if briefly.

No Limit

The Ledger Live app supports more coins and tokens than you can think of, the reason for that is that there are just too many to remember! E.g. Bitcoin is one of the most famous coins, but Bitcoin is just one of the 24 coins that are supported.

Besides the amount of coins that are supported, you can also safely store and manage your tokens with Ledger Live. At this moment users are able to manage over 1250 different types of tokens, this was made possible with the integration of ERC-20 and TRC tokens.

With Ledger Live, you can manage 25 coins and more than 1.250 tokens directly from one single app. And we are still adding!

Grow your assets

We want to give our users more than the possibility to securely manage all their crypto. So what’s there to do with your coins? 

Ledger Live users are able to grow their assets directly from the application: earn crypto rewards while keeping your assets secured in your hardware wallet. This is called staking and it’s only available on some specific blockchains which use a Proof-of-Stake protocol. Users may receive rewards on the crypto amount they are willing to stake. 

Now you are able to earn crypto rewards in 3 clicks! Users can safely and easily stake their Tezos (XTZ), Tron (TRX), and Cosmos (ATOM) directly in Ledger Live. And we are aiming to add more & more PoS crypto to give users additional options to grow their assets.

That’s not the only benefit of staking your assets in Ledger Live.
What makes Ledger Live staking so special is that we ensure freedom of choice to our users as you can vote for whoever you want to. You would say that this is a standard, but that’s not the reality nowadays with most exchanges. We implemented this new function with the use of a decentralized network, trust is everything.

Let your crypto do the work for you and receive crypto rewards, it’s almost effortless.

At your side

The Ledger Live application can be downloaded and installed both on desktop and mobile, this enables you to stay connected to your crypto assets – everywhere you go

You can connect your Ledger Nano S to your laptop or Android smartphone with a simple wire. Don’t like wires? Well maybe something wireless like the bluetooth connection of the Ledger Nano X is something for you.

Manage and stake your beloved crypto assets on-the-go with the top notch security of Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S – log into the Ledger Live whenever you need to.

Ledger Live will always be updated – are you up to date yet?

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