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The Customizable Features of Ledger Stax: Explained

Read 8 min
Ledger devices on a podium
— Ledger Stax is a next-generation hardware wallet with a first-of-its-kind screen.

— Ledger Stax’s curved E Ink® touchscreen allows you to customize its lock screen and spine to display your chosen image and name, even when the device is on standby mode.

— Here’s why Ledger Stax is customizable and how you can start customizing your own Ledger Stax.

Whether you already have a Ledger Stax or are looking into getting one, you might be wondering how to get the most out of its customizable screen. In this article, Ledger Academy dives into Ledger Stax’s customizable features and how they’re possible.

Ledger Stax is the first hardware wallet in a new generation of devices. Designed by the Godfather of the iPod, Tony Fadell, Ledger Stax has vastly improved the user experience of managing digital assets.

Ledger Stax is a device of multiple firsts. It features the first organic TFT screen built at under 100 degrees Celsius, the first secure touchscreen driven by a Secure Element chip, and the first curved E Ink® touchscreen ever mass-produced.

This curved E Ink® touchscreen is also the key to Ledger Stax’s customizability. It allows Ledger Stax’s screen to display your lock screen even in standby mode and name the spine. And of course, it does so with uncompromising security.

Why is Ledger Stax Customizable?

The customizability of Ledger Stax is more than just an aesthetic feature, it serves you a valuable purpose. 

We all know the experience of picking up someone else’s smartphone because the front of it is practically indistinguishable from yours. Previously, hardware wallets were no different. Distinguishing one hardware wallet from another can be tricky. Users with multiple Ledger devices face a similar issue. Which device is for your day-to-day operations and which is your backup? 

When you’re managing valuable digital assets, you don’t want to mistake your wallet with another.

To solve this problem, Ledger Stax was built from the ground up to personalize your crypto experience. Your Ledger Stax will stand out from the crowd, as its curved E Ink® touchscreen is customizable and can display your chosen image or NFT even in standby mode.

 Its customizability also offers a solution for those who own multiple devices. Its curved E Ink® touchscreen lets you name the spine, plus, its built-in magnets allow you to manage multiple devices simultaneously. Yes, Ledger Stax devices are stackable, hence the name Ledger Stax!

Name it, personalize it: make your Ledger Stax truly yours. With these key features, you can’t mistake another Ledger Stax for yours; and you can easily tell which of your own Ledger Stax devices is which.

How is Ledger Stax Customizable?

Ledger Stax is customizable in two places thanks to its curved E Ink® touchscreen: its lock screen and its spine.

The Lock Screen 

As mentioned, the curved E Ink® touchscreen on Ledger Stax can display your chosen image even when the device is on standby mode. But when it comes to choosing what to display, the ball is in your court. You’re welcome to pick your favorite NFT artwork or collectible, but you don’t have to choose an NFT at all! Maybe you want to set your lock screen to your favorite meme or a particularly nice selfie. Whatever your style is and whichever image you choose, Ledger Stax can display it. 

So now you know what you can customize your lock screen with, let’s look at how to do it.

How to Customize the Lock Screen of a Ledger Stax

First, you’ll need to open Ledger Live and navigate to “My Ledger”. Next, select your Ledger Stax and tap add or replace. To follow, find your preferred NFT or other image and select it. You can also tap “Edit picture” to change the contrast or crop the picture. Finally, tap “Set as lock screen”, “Load picture”, and Tap “Keep” to finalize your choice! Now your customized lock screen will be visible, even when your Ledger Stax is turned off. 

For more details, check out the help center article on how to customize your Ledger Stax here.

The Spine

Ledger Stax’s curved E Ink® touchscreen also lets you name the spine, just like a book. Once named, keeping track of which Ledger Stax device is which is easy—even when stacked. And of course, you can name it whatever you want: “My crypto”, “My NFTs”, “My portfolio”,  or whatever suits you best.

So, let’s see how you can customize your Ledger Stax’s name!

How to Name Your Ledger Stax

The option to name your Ledger Stax appears during the initial setup process. You will be prompted to set a name for your device using an on-screen keyboard, and once set and confirmed, your Ledger Stax will display its name on the spine, even in standby mode.

For more details, check out the help center article on setting up your Ledger Stax here.

Ledger Stax: Customizable and Secure

Ledger Stax is a next-generation device, not just due to its customization features, but also due to how it approaches secure self-custody. 

Ledger devices all benefit from the same security model that has thus far ensured that no devices have ever been hacked. All Ledger devices, including Ledger Stax, generate and store private keys in a Secure Element chip, and run a custom operating system BOLOS to encrypt and protect secrets inside the Secure Element. But what sets Ledger devices apart from other hardware wallets is how they also drive their screens with the Secure Element. This is integral to building a secure screen, and Ledger Stax uses that same proven model to drive its curved E Ink® touchscreen directly with the Secure Element: a world first.

While Ledger Stax is the first of the next generation of devices with secure touchscreens, it’s just the beginning. This is the new standard of crypto wallets; built for security and user experience. To start customizing your crypto journey, get your own Ledger Stax here.

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