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Blog posts, Enterprise, Product | 12/06/2022

Automate and streamline your reporting process with Ledger Enterprise API

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Things to know:

Every company aims for predictability. But achieving predictability requires rock-solid reporting.

Automated reporting can save time and reduce administrative and manual work.

– With Ledger Enterprise API, you can automate reporting for your clients in just a few clicks.

For custodians managing digital assets at an enterprise level, automating processes is a must—it can streamline workflows, simplify complex tasks, and reduce operating costs. 

Ledger Enterprise API gives you a set of pluggable tools that work together to automate complex and time-consuming tasks. One of these tasks is reporting. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain how you can leverage and reap the benefits of automated reporting.

Create customized reports that work for you and your clients. On repeat

Let’s look at a couple of examples of how creating reports that are tailored to specific business needs allows you to save time, reduce costs, increase data accessibility, and support real-time decision-making. 

Report on operational activities across accounts

Query and export crypto transaction data. Report on DeFi and NFTs operations, including smart contract transactions and their attributes. Monitor and report staking operations, such as staked accounts and yields, validators, amounts, staking cycles, rewards, estimated APY, and more.

Streamline administrative processes and minimize human error

Reduce time spent on collecting data and deliver reports more quickly. In addition, automated reporting reduces the risk of human error by pulling data directly from sources.

Synchronize internal reporting with external services and third parties

Facilitate reporting access and simplify onboarding. Provide segregated viewing rights to external services, such as auditors and partner applications. Synchronize internal reporting with accounting tools. Build Whitelabel solutions for third parties. 

See our API documentation to learn more about the Ledger Enterprise Platform API capabilities. 

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