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Blog posts, Company, Enterprise | 11/22/2022

Automate your operations and interact with Web3 at scale with Ledger Enterprise API

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Things to know:

– Many crypto custodial platforms today have manual, time-consuming processes in place.

– Automating operations via APIs can create more efficient, end-to-end workflows and provide relevant data in real time, saving both time and money.

– Powered by the most secure API on the market—Ledger Authentication Module—Ledger Enterprise can help you to streamline management, mitigate risks and ensure business continuity to deliver at scale.  

The risks and challenges associated with crypto asset custody—especially at an institutional level—are significant.

Whether it’s a bank offering crypto custodial services or an exchange dealing with heavy traffic, a specialized set of skills, technology and infrastructure are necessary to ensure operational efficiency, account security and proper key management. 

However, many custodial platforms today have inadequate systems and manual, time-consuming processes in place that can’t cater to these needs. 

This is where APIs with their automation capabilities come in.

“Here at Ledger Enterprise, we’ve noticed a +500% increase in API operations on our platform over the past six months,” said Lila Garcia, Global Head of Customer Success. “This increase is mainly driven by crypto exchanges that use our infrastructure to safeguard and manage assets.”

Here are just some clear examples of how Ledger Enterprise API can help you to streamline management, mitigate risks and ensure business continuity to deliver at scale. 

Set it and forget it

By connecting your back-and-middle systems to Ledger Enterprise API, you can run your own scripts and create automated, customized workflows tailored to your business requirements. You can automate transaction signing, smart contract interactions, staking operations, users’ permissions, address whitelisting/blacklisting, and more. 

Create a secure end-to-end NFT experience

Distribute and mint NFTs at scale from your secure Ledger Enterprise account. Move assets from your inventory to retail collectors with a simple REST API call and transact with your audience directly—without 3rd parties or marketplace royalties. 

Optimize staking and earn interest on autopilot

Automate your staking strategy across its lifecycle— stake, unstake and claim rewards. Anticipate client withdrawal load and exit staking positions at the right time. Receive alerts and automatically withdraw rewards once they’re ready to maximize returns and avoid slashing penalties.

Remove complexity from DeFi management

Securely and easily access major lending platforms and never miss an opportunity in DeFi. Automate customized trading rules and meet security, business and legal requirements. 

Automatically transact, trade and interact with Web3 

The crypto market is moving quickly and any delays could cost you opportunities. 

With Ledger Enterprise API, you can eliminate the tradeoff between security and ease of use and automate systems tailored to your day-to-day operations. 

You can also integrate with external services such as KYC/AML services, travel rule, blockchain forensics and transaction preview, and more. In our next blog posts, we’ll discuss more of our API capabilities that custodians can leverage to up their game and stay competitive in the ever-evolving crypto market.

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