Ledger Vault

Securing digital assets for the financial industry

Ledger Vault is a multi-authorization cryptocurrency wallet management solution enabling financial institutions to build digital asset operations at speed and scale.

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The future of digital asset custody

Take your Ledger security device with you to access your Vault remotely. You will never be stuck when markets are moving.

An advanced rule engine secures access to your assets. Set the governance by tailoring rules individually for each account.

Your Keys, your Coins, your Vault. You and only you have access to your digital assets stored on the Vault platform.

Over 1,100 coins and tokens are supported through a unified security model. Keep your operations efficient and lean.

Scale your business operations seamlessly, segregating or commingling your and your customer's funds as you see fit.

A platform enabling institutions to securely perform transactions

Each user requires a Personal Security Device (PSD) to interact with the Vault platform. The PSD is one of the critical components of the security design of the platform. It enables users to perform critical operations securely on their computers. Users create their operations within a web browser, and confirm the correctness of the details on a Ledger Personal Security Device. This information is then sent to the HSM.

The orchestration of the transaction authorization process is managed within the secure perimeter of a Hardware Security Module (HSM). The HSM operates Ledger’s proprietary operating system BOLOS. It protects the private keys, ensuring signatures may only be performed within the context of the execution of a transaction – in compliance with the previously configured authorization flow.

Communications are secured end-to-end from the user devices to the HSM. Ledger’s attestation system allows a mutual authentication mechanism to ensure both endpoints are genuine. An ECDH channel is then mounted between the two endpoints to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data transfer.

Ledger is actively developing further integration capabilities for an easy integration of Ledger's secure wallet technology within your applications.

Best in class governance

The Vault transaction rules can be combined to create flexible and scalable governance schemes to cater to all use cases and comply with internal policy standards.

The multi-authorization scheme distributes the signing responsibility among multiple operators within the institution.

The approval groups allow for the creation of complex multi-authorization schemes.

The whitelist allows for outbound transactions to be blocked outside of a defined list of trusted public addresses.

Conditional flows enable institutions to define triggers for their rules based on value thresholds or presence of the beneficiary in the whitelist.

Multi-currency platform

Supporting major cryptocurrencies and all ERC-20 tokens.


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