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7 days in crypto

Everything you need to know on what’s up... & what’s down

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A report on where and how crypto is changing the world

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A 3 minutes dive into crypto culture & NFTs subcultures, metaverses & much more

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explore more and more from the infinite world of crypto,
one door at a time. Discover how it changes the economy,
the world, the culture. Meet with inspiring minds from
the community. Whether you're super advanced or a total
newbie, come with Ariel Wengroff down the rabbit hole.
And feel what it's like to be in crypto.

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Episode #1

El Salvador, Peter McCormack & LarvaLabs

What happened exactly in El Salvador the 7th of September? Is Bitcoin mass adoption really on its way? What has happened these last seven days in crypto? And who are the two geniuses behind the crypto punks craze? For our first episode, Ariel Wengroff takes you Down the Rabbit Hole, and opened our first doors, helped by the host of What Bitcoin Did Peter McCormack and the digital art specialist Fanny Lakoubay.

Sep 30, 2021

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