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the world, the culture. Meet with inspiring minds from
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newbie, come with Ariel Wengroff down the rabbit hole.
And feel what it's like to be in crypto.

Previous episodes

Episode #6

Sorare, the Crypto6, and one crazy week in crypto

This week, we meet with Nicolas Julia, the man behind Sorare (aka the coolest game in crypto), we go to New Hampshire to discover the lifestyle of the Crypto6, and we relive a crazy crypto week made up of Bitcoin all-time highs & cute Japanese dogs.

Nov 12, 2021

Episode #5

Vitalik Buterin's origin story, chatting with Tim Draper & more

This week, we meet with one of the loudest voice in the crypto space, the early and major investor Tim Draper, we unveil the story behind one of the true Blockchain geniuses, Vitalik Buterin, we wonder how exactly how tattoos can become NFTs, and catch up on the last 7 days in crypto.

Nov 05, 2021

Episode #4

Visiting Arnhem Bitcoin City, Beeple's origin story, plus an interview…

This week, follow us one step further down the rabbit hole: go to Nederlands in Arnhem, one of the first "Bitcoin City", discover who Beeple, the all-time best-selling NFT artist, really is, meet with Benoit Pagotto, pioneer of digital fashion and leader of the stunning RTFKT studio, understand why Bitcoin reached a new all-time high and many, many more crypto stuff you should already know about.

Oct 22, 2021

Episode #3

Is crypto-soccer REALLY a thing? Plus, what is the Metaverse?

Why is Leo Messi paid in crypto? Why can we now see on the jersey of basketball players, Formula One circuits and Ultimate Fight rings? And what exactly are those ""metaverses"" everyone, including Mark Zuckerberg, is talking about? For this third episode of Down The Rabbit Hole, let us take you to the wedding of sports & crypto, travel through Sandbox & Decentraland and more...

Oct 15, 2021

Episode #2

The couple behind Tezos, Axie Infinity, the NFTs in Lagos…

What if Lagos (Nigeria) was the new coolest place on earth for arts & NFTs? Who are the two people behind TEZOS, one of the best performing blockchain project of the year? What exactly is Axie Infinity? This week, Down The Rabbit Hole carry on opening doors in the infinite multiverse of crypto, meets with Arthur & Kathleen Breitman, the stunning artist Osinachi, and more...

Oct 08, 2021

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