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How to Claim Your Ledger Series C NFT


Congratulations on investing in the future of Web3 security and accessibility. To celebrate your worthy contribution, we have decided to offer you a timeless souvenir, one that will live on the blockchain for many years to come. Your custom made Ledger Nano X comes with a unique Ledger series C NFT made just for you. To claim it, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Set up your Ledger Nano X
  2. You will be asked if you already have an Ethereum wallet address. Select “yes.”
    1. If you have not set up your Ledger yet, you will need to do that first here:
  3. You will have two option either to manually copy/paste your public Ethereum address or to click on the “connect your Nano X” button that will automatically fill the address for you. Click “Use Ledger Connect”
  4. You’ll need to find your Ledger Nano wallet address.

Automatic option:

a. Open the Ledger Live App on your phone

b. Connect your Ledger device to your phone via bluetooth and enter your PIN code.

Manual option:

c. Find the “Receive” button on the left side menu bar.

d. Select Main ETH.

e. Follow the instructions to connect to the Ethereum App.

f. The window will show an address scrolling across the screen of a Ledger. Be sure that this address matches the one displaying on your physical device.

g. Your wallet address will be shown as a QR code and Copy & Paste link.

  1. Copy and paste your Ledger Nano X’s wallet address and click “Submit.”
  2. A preview of your NFT will appear. Click “Claim.”
  3. You should see your transaction processing. It may take a few minutes.
  4. Success! Your NFT has been claimed and you can now view it on OpenSea.

For further information and tutorial videos feel free to pay our Ledger Academy a visit.

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