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Misc. | 05/27/2024

Ledger Stax Ships to First Customers

Hey everyone,

Ledger Stax begins shipping today! To say I’m happy to be sending you this email would be a massive understatement. If you’re in Batch 1, our team is now shipping the very first orders. It will take some time to get through all of Batch 1, but as soon as each device is packed, we will ship it to the next person in line. Once your Ledger Stax is out for delivery, you’ll receive a separate email with your tracking information. If you’re in Batch 2 and 3, your Ledger Stax is coming as communicated in the previous email.

Below is a preview of a letter you should find in your box when you receive it:

We hope you are as excited to receive your Ledger Stax as we are to deliver it to you. Before you receive your Ledger Stax, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your order and your patience. We also want to explain what took so long and why this device is so special. 

Ledger Stax represents many firsts: 

  • Ledger Stax features the world’s first secure touchscreen, driven by a Secure Element chip. 
  • Its 3mm-radius curved display is an ambitious innovation invented by Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod, and is the first curved E Ink touchscreen on the market. 
  • Ledger Stax is also the first consumer device to feature an organic TFT display, meaning it uses organic materials on plastic substrates rather than silicon materials on glass.

When we announced Ledger Stax in 2022, we believed mass production was imminent, but as we’ve communicated with you these past months, it took longer than expected to produce Ledger Stax’s first-of-its-kind screen at scale. For an in-depth answer to “What took so long?!” and to hear more about the security and design innovations in Ledger Stax, watch this short film:

Now that you have your secure Ledger device, you can use our Ledger Live companion app, to intuitively, easily, and securely manage transactions with our leading providers. Every day you have a reason to use your Ledger device: whether it’s as your login, or to Buy, Swap or Earn, Ledger’s secure ecosystem has you covered.  

We are very proud of the Ledger Stax you now hold in your hands. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Ledger’s 10th anniversary than by sharing this innovative device with you. You deserve an intuitive and secure wallet, where you never have to choose between security or privacy to manage your value. 

We are excited to see how you personalize your Ledger Stax. Use the hashtag #LedgerStax on social media and tag @Ledger for a chance to win a special surprise. 


Pascal Gauthier,

Chief Executive Officer, Ledger

ian rogers

Chief Experience Officer, Ledger

Your pre-ordered Ledger Stax is covered by the Ledger One-Year Limited Warranty (“Limited Warranty”).  Please visit for more information on coverage details and service information, but note that the start date of your Limited Warranty is the date of shipment (not original retail purchase).

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