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Blog posts, Thought leadership | 03/30/2021

10 Tips From Veterans To Kickstart Your Crypto Journey

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It is no secret that crypto is in decent shape, and millions of newbies are flying into this space for the first time, which is great! Yet, sometimes it can be a bit daunting for these newcomers. Without guidance, crypto-land is often perceived as being complex and uninspiring. “If only I had some advice to start my crypto journey”, some say. Well, say no more! 

Because we believe in the power of the crypto community and trust that it’s key to the ecosystem’s overall success. We decided to launch a social media initiative where we invited crypto veterans to share advice with their younger selves to help juniors kickstart their crypto adventure. 

Behold, our selection of the top 10 tips!

1/ @vaantb

“Protecting your money is the most important thing, more than making it, so have a proper risk management strategy in place (…) Investing in yourself is more important than anything else, so learn how to do it, before y’all want to make it” 

2/ @_a_n_b_a_

“ You should own a cold wallet and a hot wallet…private keys are important..there will be a lot of ponzi schemes..beware..stay alert..there is no such thing as a free giveaway…do some studying before entering the market..??”

3/ @franklytj

“1. Don’t diversify so widely that you end up with the smallest of returns from even the biggest pumps. 2. Be sure to take profits on the way up.”

4/ @Christopher L. 

“If anyone calls you about your cryptocurrency, know its a scam”

5/ @Charlie D. 

“Never type, enter, input, reveal, or share your seed phrase & private keys with anyone.”

6/ @OS J. 

“DYOR (do your own research) means a lot in crypto, don’t trade if you don’t understand the basics”

7/ @Wasseem K.

“Never buy a coin on someone else’s hype”

8/ @Morels 

“Respect the fundamentals, not the pumpamentals ;)” 

9/ @pyka_uw

“Don’t put all your money in! Just play with a smart amount”

10/ @leandro.albero

“Not your keys, not your coins. ?” 

Seniors, thank you for participating, your collaboration is invaluable to the community, keep helping newcomers out. Juniors, we hope you took note! 

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