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Blog posts, Company | 07/04/2022

Bringing Web3 Culture to Life: Our Latest Collabs’ Across Art, Luxury, Gaming & More

Things to know:

We have recently made several partnerships across art, luxury, music and gaming fields to awaken a deeper connection with culture and provide communities with the tools to safely navigate Web3.

Our much anticipated collabs include The Hundreds, WVRPS and Stadium Goods, featuring Limited Editions Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus

– Together, we are on a mission to secure your most precious digital assets with the highest level of physical protection.

Meet the Ledger Pro Team, our new Ambassador Program

We decided to bring community building to the next level by launching our own Pro Team, just like a skateboard company or shoe company like Nike or Adidas would. We want to work with the strongest leaders who could give us direct feedback straight from their communities.

Ledger Pro Team is our new ambassador program inviting innovators, leaders and creators in the Web3 Space to join our mission of Web3 Security & Education.

We’re excited to announce our first Ledger Pro Team members, including:

  • Bobby Hundreds, perhaps the best-spoken thinker on the intersection of tech, fashion, identity, and community.  
  • Mike Shinoda, artist and musician, creator of the pioneering music NFT collection Ziggurauts, well known for his work in Linkin Park and Fort Minor.
  • Dan Held, Bitcoin community leader since the original 2013 SF Bitcoin Meetup days, penning a popular Bitcoin newsletter and championing Bitcoin to this day.
  • Deadfellaz (Betty and Psych) are idealists with great taste and a long-term vision who stand up for what they want. 

Find Our Latest Nano Collabs with The Hundreds, WVRPS and Stadium Goods!

One of our much anticipated collaboration is with The Hundreds, the popular community-based streetwear brand and media platform, on a Limited Edition Ledger wallet featuring bombs made in a special Black Adam Bomb allover print. 

We also partnered with WVRPS by WarpSound on an exclusive new Nano X Ledger wallet. The sleek red Nano wallet features branding for both brands, as well as silhouettes of Nayomi, DJ Dragoon and Gnar Heart on the back.

We struck a collab’ with Stadium Goods for a special Ledger Nano S Plus edition. Just head on over to their Soho shop and pick up a special edition Ledger x Stadium Goods Nano S Plus. 47 Howard St, Soho NYC.

Ledger Market: Our Web3 Platform For Creators & Brands

Ledger Market is our upcoming Web3 distribution platform enabling anyone to create, store and distribute NFTs seamlessly and securely. It will feature monthly drops and custom Ledger collabs, offering a premium and secure NFT marketplace experience.

Launch partners announced include Brick, Tag Heuer of LVMH, Deadfellaz, RTFKT, the artist Jen Stark, among others.

For Teddy Florent, Managing Director – Connected Watches Business Unit at Tag Heuer: “We are proud of the launch of TAG Heuer Connected watch as the ideal companion to bring your digital collections in the real world onto your wrist, and proud of the partnership with Ledger to provide proof of ownership.”

Bringing Web3 Culture To Luxury Brands

In the luxury field, we struck an unprecedented partnership with Fendi to bring a pair of fashionable accessories that can fit a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet inside and feature Fendi’s FF logo. 

We also partnered with the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot, with the launch of 200 limited edition luxury watches showcasing the Bitcoin Latin motto “Vires in Numeris”, or strength in numbers, capturing the spirit of the world’s oldest and newest currencies. 

And you couldn’t miss Gunna wearing a diamond-encrusted chain and a Ledger around his neck at the Met Gala, bringing Web3 culture to life: 

Bringing Web3 Education to the Metaverse – our Collab’ With The Sandbox

We partnered with The Sandbox, the leading blockchain-based gaming platform, to safeguard the open metaverse and bring education about digital ownership and security.

Our partnership aims at educating from within the Metaverse and at substantially reducing the amount of hacks and scams that the Web3 space faces. We’re looking forward to seeing what Web3 education will look like 10 years from now.

Representing Communities With Security & Style 

We will continue to partner with brands, communities and people, as well as collaborate with collectible limited-edition Ledgers. Every single day, our team is live on Twitter, Discord and On The Ledger podcast, informing communities about Web3 security and making sure they are aware of how to keep from getting hacked.

When communities are tight-knit, active, centered around a valuable asset such as Bored Apes, the words travel fast that Ledger keeps you safe. 

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