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Blog posts, Product | 03/23/2023

ClubNFT Joins Ledger Live: Protect Your NFTs No Matter What

Things to know:

ClubNFT, an NFT backup platform, has just joined your Ledger Live app’s Discover section.

– ClubNFT allows NFT owners to back up and keep their NFT artworks and files safe from marketplace shutdowns or censorship through self-custody.

Ledger Live users that own ETH or Tezos NFTs can monitor, back up their NFT art, and be self-custodians of their NFTs, all within the safe ecosystem of Ledger

– Ledger Market pass holders will access ClubNFT pinning service for free! (available for 6 months)

NFTs are blockchain-based assets, but the metadata making up the visual content of an NFT is often stored off-chain since gas fees can be expensive when storing large files. In fact, only 9% of NFTs are on the blockchain, per a survey

This means that, if the marketplace where you bought your NFTs stops working, you may lose access to it, and your NFT will become “empty shells” stored on the blockchain. That’s precisely why we decided to partner up with ClubNFT, so you can truly protect and backup your NFTs no matter what happens. 

By using ClubNFT through your Ledger Live app, you will gain access to two types of protection: 

  • Pinning service: ClubNFT will host your NFT artwork and metadata (in addition to the marketplace, for redundancy), ensuring marketplace shutdowns or technical problems do not take your NFTs offline.
  • Backup service: You can download a backup of your entire collection and become a self-custodian of your NFTs for long-term protection. If a marketplace shuts down or the artwork breaks for any reason, you can fix the NFT using the backup, without relying on any third party. This free service is accessible to everyone. All customers can now monitor and back up their NFTs within Ledger Live.

How to use ClubNFT through your Ledger Live app?

Using ClubNFT through your Ledger Live app is easy as pie. All you need is to:

  1. Open the ClubNFT App in your Ledger Live Discover section (mobile Android or desktop).
  2. Sign in with your email address.
  3. Add your Ledger wallet.
  4. Monitor the backup status of your NFT collection and download the backup files on your computer.

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