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Blog posts, Product | 12/13/2022

For US-Based Users: Swap Your Crypto With CIC Through Ledger Live

Things to know:

– For US-based users: Crypto Intercambio (CIC) is our new swap partner available on your Ledger Live desktop and mobile app Swap tab. With CIC, you can securely swap a wide range of coins and tokens including BTC,ETH, BNB and ERC-20 tokens like USDT and USDC.

– The Ledger swap is the most secure swap you can make. It enables you to exchange your digital assets from the security of your Ledger Nano.

– Whether you want to buy, sell, swap, lend or stake your digital assets, Ledger is your secure gateway to the world of crypto and NFTs. 

CIC Joins Ledger Live For A Secure & Seamless Swap Experience

With CIC now available in your Ledger Live app, you can securely swap a wide range of coins and tokens.

CIC is a LATAM exchange that offers swapping service for major coins and tokens. The exchange will appear as one of the service providers. You can choose between fixed or floating rates, and no registration is required to use the service. 

The swapping process is very easy. In Ledger Live, navigate to the left sidebar menu and click Swap, select the coins you want to swap and the accounts for the assets you want to exchange, enter the amount you want to exchange before reviewing the transaction details. Then, all you need is to confirm the transaction by connecting and unlocking your Ledger Nano device. 

Learn more about swapping with CIC by reading our Customer Support article. 

Why Swap Through the Ledger ecosystem?

Swap refers to exchanging one crypto asset for another, like swapping your BTC into ETH. Swapping crypto can be interesting for a number of reasons, including making a profit, or diversifying your portfolio. 

The most common method of swapping crypto is using exchanges, though you wouldn’t be in full control of your crypto. Ledger’s Swap option allows you to exchange crypto while retaining security over your digital belongings. 

Learn more about swapping with the Ledger Academy.

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