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Blog posts, Thought leadership | 02/11/2021

How to get your special woman into crypto?


It is no secret that the crypto world is high on testosterone. Although there is an increasing number of wonderful female figures thriving in crypto land, the overall ecosystem is unfortunately still largely male-dominated. As a matter of fact, more than 85% of our readers are male… we want to change that. Hence, gents, this Valentine’s day we decided to throw you a challenge, to get your special woman into crypto! Because we need her. 

Gentlemen, buckle up! We’re going to provide you with the ultimate guide on how to spice up your Valentine’s dinner conversation and get your lady to love you for it.

Those V-day dinner expectations

There you are again. The V-day dinner table is all set and you’re talking about what a wonderful week it has been, the newest season of your favorite Netflix show and work-gossip.

Yet, between all the chit-chat, candlelight and sincere laughs you know you need to step up the game… You wouldn’t want to get to the point where you’re thinking “What the hell am I going to say to her?”

Listen, it’s not all that complicated. Your partner most probably wants to feel engaged with what is happening in your life and would be keen on finding out about new and interesting things. We’re not experts here, but we like to think that women tend to get stimulated by intelligent conversations and they’ll definitely dig you for initiating one!

So, here’s a solution!

Why not make this V-day that special occasion where you take your lady down to crypto-land? Sharing with her your passion, opinions and listening to what she thinks.

Your first time with crypto”

If you feel that you need some sort of a crypto-tailored speech, don’t bother overthinking. It needs to be a conversation, not a seminar presentation.

The more natural it is, the better.

How to do it? The easiest way is to talk about your experience. There’s nothing better than a loved one opening up about their passions. So, why not talk about your “first time with crypto”?

Quick tip – a good stimulus here is to dive deep into the emotion of that “first time” and actually express how you felt. Highlight your “AHA!” moment with bitcoin and maybe talk about how your good old buddy first told you about it.

It’s an unforgettable moment filled with emotions. Share your story, why you were convinced, and your vision for the future. Then, provoke her curiosity, make sure you answer her questions, and listen to what she thinks (Yes gents, listening is key!).
Once you’ve told your crypto story, it’ll be time for the next move. Writing the first lines of hers!

The path to financial freedom


Truth be told, everyone wants to be on top of their lives and their income. When you put “crypto” and “financial freedom” in the same sentence, your lady will certainly be confused, but we bet that she’ll want to find out more!

When you discuss the ethos of cryptocurrencies, keep in mind that it’s not something that can be intuitively and immediately understood. Take her by the hand and try to simply explain the link between crypto and financial freedom by giving her some concrete examples.

HINT – It’s not all about the money!

#1 – Empowerment –

This one might not be that straightforward but it’s a great point to bring up in the conversation.

Think about how crypto and blockchain are breaking the paradigm of power centralization. It’s a sign that says “stand up and fight for your rights” but not just a sign – crypto & blockchain are offering an actual platform for those who were seemingly left behind.

With crypto and blockchain, everyone’s getting a voice that can be heard and opportunity without being discriminated against. Having a “say” in what goes on in the ecosystem and beyond, is empowering the voiceless to speak up and act, an issue that women have long been fighting for.The power of decentralization goes even further, allowing those living under oppressive regimes to regain their freedom of speech and ownership over their assets – a further slap in the face of inequality.

#2 – Owning your life –

Discuss the fact that if you’re in control of your money, you’re in control of your life. Tell her that with an additional income from crypto investing or trading, and complete control over your funds, you could potentially alleviate your quality of living. So, she won’t need to worry about that nice vacation or that pair of shoes that she deserves. (or a god damn truck if she wants!)

When you are your own bank, you have the freedom to do many things, walk her down that path.

#3 – Fair access to all –

It’s not just about money. It’s about bringing financial freedom to all of those who remain unplugged from basic and essential services. Not everyone on this planet has access to banking and financial services. Many countries in Africa and Asia are severely lagging behind, being the so-called “unbanked poor”. Most of these people have limited or no access to financial services, which severely curbs their development potential.

Crypto and blockchain are changing that! They are giving these people access to fair financial services, while also offering them a digital identity that grants them rights and allows them to exist in society.

It’s an immense benefit and huge leap forward for these regions, where socio-economic development is very low because of the lack-of-access to services that many of us take for granted.

So, there you have it, gents! The guide to taking your V-day dinner conversation to the next-level. Don’t forget about that fine wine or fancy champagne though, and maybe a nice box of classy Belgian chocolates. It’s all about the little details.

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