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Enterprise | 06/28/2023

Ledger Announces Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK

Ledger brings core tech and governance to help institutions manage crypto trading risk and regulation with custodial trading solutions.

Today, we are proud to announce that Ledger is entering the institutional trading technology market with the first open network to enable custodial trading via exchange and custodial partners. This solution will provide unparalleled control, security, flexibility, and transparent governance over an enterprise’s digital asset trading. With its technology foundation and security infrastructure at its core, Ledger is developing a more secure and regulation-friendly environment for institutional trading, enhancing control and ownership, while significantly diminishing the risk of counterparty failures.

In the current crypto landscape, there is a growing need to mitigate third-party risk exposure amidst security and regulatory concerns. Ledger is rolling out a solution designed to meet this need with flexibility, risk management, and regulatory compliance at the forefront. Ledger’s technology eliminates network lock-in risks, granting enterprises access to Ledger’s extensive global network of custodians and exchanges – or allowing seamless integration with preferred counterparties. With this, Ledger is empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to navigate the ever-changing regulatory and overall market landscape with confidence.

Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK will enable: 

  •  Off-exchange trading: Benefit from the security of Ledger technology and the assurance from regulated custodians while accessing exchanges & OTC brokers like, Bitstamp, Huobi, Uphold, CEX.IO, Wintermute, Coinsquare, NDAX, Damex, Bitazza, Flowdesk, YouHodler combining deep liquidity with industry-leading secure custody.
  • Enhanced security and transparency: Ledger’s unique shared governance framework allows improved security and transparency across the network. Utilizing Ledger’s fully transparent technology, it enables real-time tracking of collateral balances and operational status for all participants. This creates a robust and open network, founded on a trustless model to instill unwavering confidence.
  • Distribution of Risk: Ledger provides an open governance framework where participants can join or build a network of trading counterparties. This allows fund managers to seamlessly manage their crypto assets and collateral across multiple custodial partners to effectively distribute their risk.  And because it’s an open network, they won’t experience any network lock-in.
  • Streamlined operations: Simplify your workflow by leveraging Ledger’s turnkey technology infrastructure to manage and execute crypto settlement (programmatically or manually) across parties, increasing efficiency and reducing operational risks.
  • Zero transaction fees: Ledger is a technology provider, not a financial intermediary. Ledger will not charge transaction fees, ensuring predictable operational costs and effortless budgeting to simplify your financial planning process.
  • Faster and more efficient trading: Pledge assets directly from your preferred custodian,  reducing costs and time of processing multiple transactions. Experience significant savings on transaction fees and an 80% average time reduction by eliminating the need to transfer assets between multiple exchanges.

“We are creating a future-proof solution that will give Ledger Enterprise customers flexibility and security allowing institutions to de-risk their businesses. For almost a decade, Ledger has been building security and governance solutions for the crypto ecosystem. It is this core security foundation that can now be used to reduce counterparty risk and enable custodial trading for institutional investors” said Sebastien Badault, VP of Enterprise Revenue at Ledger. “By unlocking better trading options for enterprises, we are empowering asset managers, custodians, and exchanges to navigate the changing landscape with confidence while making the whole ecosystem a safer and more transparent place.” 

At launch, partners will include asset managers such as Hodl Group, digital asset trading and orchestration platforms such as Wyden, regulated custodians such as Komainu, TetraTrust, Etana, Crypto Garage, Damex, Kryptodian as well as exchanges, OTC brokers/providers and platform partners such as, Bitstamp, Huobi, Uphold Institutional, CEX.IO, Wintermute, Coinsquare, NDAX, Damex, Bitazza, Flowdesk, YouHodler and will be in early stage access to all Ledger Enterprise clients at no additional cost, with more to follow.

“Ledger’s innovative Trading Operation technology not only heightens security, but also fosters a regulation-friendly landscape for institutional trading,” says Eric Anziani, President & COO, “We are proud to be part of Ledger’s open network project and excited to offer Exchange’s state-of-the-art trading architecture with robust API connectivity and deep liquidity to Ledger Enterprise clients via TRADELINK.”

“In our role as an OTC provider, we understand the importance of establishing trust in the evolving world of institutional crypto trading. Our goal is to lead by example, implementing solutions that build trust, enhance transparency and promote accountability in everything we do. Our collaboration with TRADELINK signifies our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, positioning us alongside other innovative companies in driving a sustainable and forward-looking digital asset industry.” Marina Gurevich, Chief Operating Officer – Wintermute

For more information or to sign up, go to

List of Ledger Enterprise TRADELINK partners: 

Wyden, CEX.IO, Komainu, TetraTrust, Etana, Wintermute, Coinsquare, Bitstamp,, Uphold, Huobi, NDAX, Crypto Garage, Damex, Bitazza, Kryptodian, Hodl Group, Flowdesk, YouHodler.

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