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Blog posts, Product | 07/26/2022

Ledger Launches [Ledger] Market, the World’s Most Secure NFT Marketplace, Mints Out Within 24 Hours

Things to know:

– We have sold 10,000 Market Genesis Passes in 24 hours featuring the first ever secure, “clear-signing” mint.

– New marketplace will be home to exclusive NFT drops from leading influential brands and artists 

– Watch the world’s first-secure “clear signing” mint here and the explainer of [ L ] Market here.

We have just launched [ LEDGER ] Market, the world’s first-ever secure mint and secure distribution platform for curated NFT drops from influential and leading cultural brands and artists.

Announced last month at Ledger Op3n, [ L ] Market launched with the initial drop of the Genesis Pass NFT, which minted out 10,000 Genesis passes within 24 hours, and will allow owners to redeem a limited edition Ledger Black-on-Black Nano X and have access to future drops. More than 150,000 people signed up after the announcement last month.

[ L ] Market brings Ledger’s world-class security features to the NFT marketplace space, one that has seen increasing numbers of hacks and scams. According to the US Federal Trade Commission, since 2021, $1 billion has been stolen from 46,000 users via insecure NFT ownership. We maintain the largest and most secure market share of any crypto wallet, currently securing more than 20 percent of the world’s crypto and digital assets in more than 5 million wallets sold. 

“Whether URL or IRL, people will tell you immediately in Web3 if you’re providing value with your project or not. Launching a NFT project today unsecurely, is just plain foolish. We have launched the world’s first secure-mint, because people shouldn’t have to do it any other way,” said Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rogers.  “Any brand that is not secured with Ledger Enterprise and dropping outside of [ LEDGER ] Market, communities should be asking: why aren’t you choosing to keep me as secure as possible? Our doors are open.”

[ L ] Market launch partners include Brick, Tag Heuer of LVMH, leading NFT projects  RTFKT and DeadFellaz, among others. Additional drops are scheduled in the coming weeks. By developing a curated portfolio of NFT partners, [ L ] Market solves for the challenge most marketplaces face, featuring an array of unwanted digital assets. To date, 98.2 percent of OpenSea’s NFTs have never received a bid.

“The NFT world is moving fast, but these digital treasures must be kept secure forever,” said Sebastien Badault, Vice President of Metaverse at Ledger. “With [ LEDGER ] Market, our new NFT Distribution platform, we bring the best of both worlds. On the one hand, Ledger’s world-class security with the world’s first-secure mint, and on the other hand, the world’s most exclusive drops. The success of our first Genesis pass drops really shows that we bring meaningful and safe solutions for creators and users. ”

[ L ] Market can be accessed through Ledger Live, our fully-secured Ledger environment in which users can mint upcoming drops through the use of clear-signing, the safest and most reliable method to acquire digital assets. All [ L ] Market projects are secured by Ledger Enterprise Create, a key technology suite to enable the world’s biggest brands to scale their Web3 operations. Ledger Enterprise Create is fully integrated with Market to provide end-to-end security from the creation process, to distribution to customers.

Ledger already secures many of the most valuable digital assets in the world – 45 out of 100 top transactions on OpenSea, and 40 percent of Bored Apes. Now available in over nine languages and shipping worldwide, Ledger’s mission is more important today than ever, giving users and creatives the most secure tools across Web3 in an environment where users increasingly face challenges using Web2 technology to protect Web3 value. 

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