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Product | 05/30/2023

Ledger Live Expands Cosmos Support With XPRT, NOM & QCK Coins

Things to know:

We’re glad to expand our compatibility with the Cosmos ecosystem.

You can now create an account, send, receive, and stake three additional Cosmos Chains: Persistence (XPRT), Onomy (NOM), and Quicksilver (QCK), through your Ledger Live app.

We at Ledger are actively integrating new Cosmos chains as they move onto the mainnet. We’re an open platform, so if you’re a Cosmos builder, you can have your Cosmos coins readily available to Ledger Live users. Learn more about how to build on Ledger.

We plan on including 20 new Cosmos projects by the end of the year, so keep up with our product releases through our blog.

While you could already manage Cosmos native token ATOM through Ledger Live, you can now create an account, send and receive three additional Cosmos tokens – XPRT, NOM, and QCK – with your private keys tightly secured in your hardware wallet. 

“This partnership is a major stride in enhancing the utility and accessibility of Cosmos-based assets. With Ledger’s robust security infrastructure and Chorus One’s reliable validation services, we are unlocking a world of possibilities for Onomy and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. We’re not just building bridges between assets; we’re building bridges to the future of decentralized finance!” – Lalo Bazzi, Co-Founder of Onomy

You can also stake these tokens through the Ledger by Chorus One validator, allowing you to receive crypto rewards while staying within the Ledger secure ecosystem. 

To stake XPRT, NOM, and QCK, all you need is to: 

  1. Create an XPRT, NOM, or QCK account in Ledger Live
  2. Transfer XPRT, NOM, or QCK onto your Ledger Live account.
  3. Select your account.
  4. Click ‘earn reward’ and select the amount you want to stake.
  5. Select Ledger by Chorus One as a validator, and click Continue. 
  6. Review the transaction details again and press both buttons on your device to confirm the transaction.

Staking helps secure and maintain a proof-of-stake network’s health while being a great way to earn crypto rewards. But this technique is often seen as complex, too. Ledger helps you seamlessly stake your crypto without sacrificing security.

Cosmos – An “Internet of Blockchains”

Cosmos is an ecosystem that functions as a blockchain meta-architecture, based on a set of shared standards that enable projects to spin their own sovereign, yet interoperable blockchains. With the app-chain thesis, scalability is horizontal with Cosmos chains being purpose-built via the Cosmos SDK to serve specific verticals, whereas the Cosmos-native Inter Blockchain Communications Protocol (IBC), enables complete interoperability between 50+ app-chains.

The Cosmos Hub, powered by the native $ATOM cryptocurrency, is the original chain that spurred the Internet of Blockchains, remains the most connected in the ecosystem, and has recently become a provider of security for other Cosmos-based chains through Replicated Security.

Onomy Protocol ($NOM) is an innovative Layer-1 ecosystem designed to harmonize the worlds of Forex and decentralized finance. Based on Cosmos, contributors are building a multi-chain bridge hub, hybrid DEX fusing an order book UI with AMM liquidity pools, decentralized stablecoin solution, and more.

Persistence ($XPRT) is an appchain for all things liquid staking–issuance & DeFi for LSTs, currently hosting pSTAKE Finance (a multi-chain liquid staking protocol for issuing LSTs live for $ATOM, $BNB, & $ETH) and Dexter (the Interchain DEX for yield-generating assets like LSTs), with more lending & vault dApps inbound.

Quicksilver ($QCK) is the liquid staking Layer 1 blockchain & protocol built to support user sovereignty & decentralization. It allows you to liquid stake tokens to any validator on the chain, earn rewards, and even vote with liquid staked assets. 

Learn more about Cosmos with the Ledger Academy.

We plan on including 20 new Cosmos projects by the end of the year, so keep up with our product releases through our blog.

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