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Blog posts, Product | 09/13/2023

Ledger Live New ‘Earn’ Section Is Here! Grow Your Portfolio The Right Way

Things to know:

We’re glad to announce that the ‘Earn’ section is now available to all our users on Ledger Live Desktop. The mobile app will follow soon. 

The ‘Earn’ section of the Ledger Live app allows you to stake assets, track rewards, and discover staking opportunities across chains without navigating multiple platforms and interfaces and while maintaining self custody of your assets.

Learn more about the ‘Earn’ section with our FAQ. And if you want to know the simple steps to use it, it’s this way.

Ledger started by providing devices to support secure transactions, and has grown via its companion app Ledger Live to help provide users with a gateway to access third-party services without taking their assets or private keys outside the secure environment of their Ledger device*…but we’re always on a quest to build more secure features for our users. Ledger Live is the most secure way through which to buy, sell, swap, and now… Earn. 

Ledger Live’s ‘Earn’ section now allows you to stake your assets, track your rewards, and discover new staking opportunities across multiple chains, all from a single and easy-to-use dashboard while maintaining self custody of your assets.

The ‘Earn’ section provides data for all staking positions and validators for Solana (SOL), Tezos (XTZ), Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM), Lido Token (SETH), Near (NEAR), and Cardano (ADA). We’ll also soon introduce support for additional coins and expand beyond staking.

The ‘Earn’ section features two tabs:

  • The ‘Asset earning rewards’ tab allows you to track your staking rewards across different networks:
  • The ‘Earn more rewards’ tab shows the list of assets that are eligible for staking, along with the estimated rewards. From there, you can get smart insights, buy and stake more assets and start earning rewards:
Explore the Internet of Value securely with Ledger

Through Ledger Live, over 1.5 million active users can buy, sell, swap, stake, and lend digital assets and explore the Internet of Value with ownership and security. With the Ledger Live app, you can also access an ever-expanding list of DApps in the Discover section, with your private keys automatically safeguarded on your Ledger device.

If you don’t have a Ledger device yet, check this article out to see which Ledger device suits your needs, or view our comparison page for a side-by-side comparison. You can also stay updated on our latest announcements and thought leadership publications through our blog.

*Buy, sell, swap, lend or any other crypto transaction services are provided by third-party service providers. Ledger provides no advice or recommendations to use any of these third-party services. 

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