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Blog posts, Company | 12/01/2022

Our New NFT Collection Initiative To Build The Future of Digital Art

By Jean-Michel Pailhon, Managing Curator of the Ledger NFT Art collection.

Things to know:

NFTs are ushering in an artistic renaissance that has barely begun to play itself out, changing how art, music and, more broadly, culture is digitally generated, owned and exchanged forever. 

As the world’s leading platform to secure and manage NFTs, we see ourselves as key enablers to unlock their full potential by bringing them to the next billion users.

We are launching 3 initiatives to drive the next phase of this creative movement. (1) An NFT art collection that will select the world’s most talented NFT artists, (2)a non-profit NFT endowment fund to support NFT creators and increase their global footprint, and (3) an NFT Task Force that will ensure that this creative movement is built on true ownership and with security at the core.

How we plan to power the NFT Revolution

NFT art is a unit of cultural significance that is digitally created, stored and transferred as a digital asset on a public blockchain, offering an embedded proof of origin and ownership, a traceable transmission record and an intrinsic scarcity.

Today, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of their full potential. These emerging digital instruments are democratizing what previously was siloed and exclusionary, shifting the balance of power towards creators. NFTs are ushering in a tech revolution, an artistic renaissance and a generational shift at the same time. 

Ledger is at the forefront of this revolution. As a chain-agnostic, open and secure platform, we see ourselves as key enablers bringing NFTs towards mainstream acceptance: the artists, the collectors, the institutions (museums, foundations), the art galleries and art fairs, brands and companies, and obviously the people of the world.

Besides what we are currently bringing in terms of security and ease of use through our products and services, we are launching 3 initiatives forming a virtuous circle to contribute to the next growth phase of this creative movement:

  1. An NFT Art collection will select the most talented artists and build a world-class art selection of prime and emerging NFT artists that will mark the cultural significance of the current and upcoming decades and prepare their inclusion into institutions and museums. We will build a collection that is there to stay and that will become one of the most significant of our times in 3, 5, 10 and 20 years (and beyond).
  1. A non-profit NFT endowment fund to give visibility to creators from around the world and increase the global NFT footprint. This non-profit fund will back a wide array of NFT artistic projects and provide access to NFTs for youth, women and other underrepresented communities through financial, logistics or mentorship aids. 
  1. An NFT Task Force at Ledger that will drive NFT projects towards our secure platform and ensure that creators and collectors interact with this world with full security and ownership.

Our role in the growth of the NFT ecosystem

Today, Ledger already is at the heart of this cultural shift. But we want to do more. Our NFT art collection will gather digital artworks marking the cultural significance of the current and forthcoming decades. 

The Beatles are inseparable from the 60s, and are still very present in music and art in general. Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiat, icons of the 80s, are still influencing today’s culture. Since the 90s, rap and hip-hop have heavily impacted how music is played and performed. Likewise, we believe that the 2020s will be remembered as the decade of NFTs, kickstarting a secular trend of mass adoption for digital art. By 2030, NFT artists will be among the most famous and successful contemporary artists.

In order to put our money where our mouth is, we will actively support the NFT art scene by launching a corporate NFT art collection. Practically speaking, it means we will acquire and commission NFT artworks that have cultural significance along with social, historic, scientific and aesthetic values. 

This collection is featuring artworks from amazing artists such as:

@Reuben_wu @PasanenJenni @fvckrender @artonblockchain @carlosmarcialt @osf_nft @justinaversano @refikanadol @Jen_Stark @osf_nft @money_alotta.

These initiatives are guided by The NFT Art Advisory Board of preeminent NFT fine art and contemporary art thought leaders including @keyvass, @adamlindemann, @danyszgallery, @thefunnyguysNFT and Lawrence Chu from

We will be looking for NFT art that complies with the following intrinsic value criteria: provenance, representativeness, scarcity, completeness, interpretive potential and capacity to inform us about and to create bridges between the past and current times. 

We will communicate on a regular basis about what we like, what NFT artworks we commission, which ones we collect and why we believe they matter for the present and the future of (digital) art. We want to contribute to a world where artists freely display their digital artworks, where creative talents tie direct bonds with global communities without barriers to entry. 

To achieve that ambitious goal, I had the honor to gather an internal curation and selection team of Web3 leaders, who led previous tech and cultural revolutions (mp3, digital music platforms, media, etc.) including Ian C. Rogers (ex-Winamp, ex-Apple, ex-Beats), Ariel Wengroff (ex-Vice), Sebastien Badault (ex-Google and ex-Amazon) and many more. We will also gather an advisory board made of the best of contemporary art specialists, collectors, gallerists and NFT artists.

We are excited to play a key role in accelerating the NFT art movement and I’m extremely proud to lead those initiatives that will positively impact the global NFT art ecosystem in the years to come.

See you there.

Jean-Michel Pailhon

Managing Curator of the Ledger NFT Art collection

– Chief of Staff to the CEO

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