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Blog posts, Product | 06/28/2022

Say Hello To Alkemi Earn: Lend and Borrow Crypto Without Leaving Ledger Live

Things to know:

Starting today, you can access Alkemi Earn through Ledger Live.

Alkemi Earn is a decentralized lending and borrowing platform that allows you to gain interest and earn passive income by looking up your crypto assets in a liquidity pool built on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts automate the entire process, which means you can earn APY without managing loans yourself. 

– Now you can combine Alkemi Earn’s easy access to liquidity pools with Ledger’s robust security standards. Your private keys remain secure and protected in your Ledger.

At Ledger, we’re dedicated to unlocking the crypto world and empowering individuals to securely participate in the Web3 space. As part of this mission, we’re constantly working with our Web3 partners to integrate and add their products and services to Ledger Live.

And today, we’re pleased to announce that Alkemi Earn has been added to the Discover section of Ledger Live.

Alkemi Earn: secure plug-and-play access to liquidity pools

With this integration, you can securely access Alkemi Earn liquidity pools and lend/borrow ETH, WBTC, or USDC to earn interest without leaving the Ledger Live interface. In addition, you can earn native tokens of Alkemi Network—ALK—when borrowing crypto.

But there is more to that. 

Ledger Live acts as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to manage and monitor your crypto assets. Through our trusted partners, you can buy crypto, swap hundreds of crypto pairs, stake your coins for passive income, manage Ethereum NFTs, send and receive 1800+ coins and tokens, check your real-time balance, and more. In other words, one app to rule them all.

How to use Alkemi Earn with Ledger Live

To access the app, open Ledger Live and navigate to the Discover section.

Click Alkemi Earn to open the app’s interface.

Within the app, you’ll see that you can lend and borrow funds.

  • Click Lend in the left sidebar menu. You’ll see a list of available assets.
  • Click Enable to activate each separate market. Once you activate a market, you’ll be charged a transaction fee in Ethereum and this needs to be confirmed with your wallet.
  • Enter the deposit amount for the selected market.
  • Confirm the transaction with your Ledger.


  • Click Enable to activate each separate market. 
  • Deposit wallet balance into the selected market.
  • Click Borrow in the desired market. 
  • Specify the amount to borrow.
  • Approve and sign the transaction with your Ledger device.

Full steam ahead into the Web3 revolution

Ledger’s goal is to become your secure gateway to Web3 space. With this in mind, we’ll continue adding more services, dApps, NFTs, coins, and tokens to Ledger Live. 

So stay tuned and be sure to keep an eye on Ledger Live’s Discover section. Who knows what you might discover next.

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