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Blog posts, Product | 01/30/2023

Send, Receive & Stake NEAR Tokens Through Ledger Live

Things to know:

– Until now, you could secure your NEAR tokens with your Ledger hardware device, but you had to use a third-party wallet to view and manage it. 

– NEAR Protocol (NEAR) has joined Ledger Live, which means you can now send, receive and stake your NEAR coins from your all-in-one digital asset management app with full ownership on your coins. 

– Staking your NEAR coins with the Ledger by Figment validator brings many advantages: it is secure, convenient, and comes with a low commission fee.

NEAR Protocol is a low-cost and high-speed platform for building and launching DApps. Its native token is NEAR.

Starting today, Ledger’s broad ecosystem of hardware and software products fully supports NEAR.  You can now create a NEAR account in Ledger Live to send, receive and stake your coins:

  • Open the Ledger Live app and navigate to the Account section to create your NEAR account.
  • Transfer your NEAR from an exchange to Ledger Live or buy NEAR directly through Ledger Live with our providers.
  • Securely send and receive NEAR.
  • Stake your NEAR and earn rewards.

For more information on how to manage your NEAR with Ledger Live, check out our Help Center article: NEAR Protocol (NEAR). 

Stake NEAR and grow your assets with confidence

Staking helps secure, and maintain the health of the network, while being a great way to earn crypto rewards. But this technique is often seen as complex, too. The Ledger by Figment validator allows you to easily and securely stake your crypto all without sacrificing self-custody. 

For more information on how to stake NEAR through Ledger Live, see our Help Center article: How to stake NEAR through Ledger Live and earn rewards.

Built to be simple, secure and scalable

NEAR Protocol was built with an architecture that uses sharding to enable high transaction throughput. The blockchain is broken down into smaller and manageable chunks reducing the burden and computational load on the network. Every validator creates a part of the next block in parallel, allowing more transactions to be executed at the same time.

Developers can easily build and launch DApps using familiar programming languages and relying on detailed documentation. Users can enjoy Web3 without dealing with complex and cryptic addresses or constant confirmation requests. For example, an address can be personalized with a pseudonym instead of a long string of numbers.

Explore Web3 while enjoying the benefits of self-custody

Ledger is committed to providing easy and secure access to Web3 and allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of self-custody, whether you’re crypto-savvy or a newcomer. Integrating new features, coins and DApps to Ledger Live is at the heart of our mission. 

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